Tools for Automatically Sharing Your Blog Content in Social Media

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Tools for Automatically Sharing Your Blog Content in Social Media

Tools for Automatically Sharing Your Blog Content in Social Media. It is important to create a business website for business success in the Internet era. But content marketing is much more than just a website.

For the best success, your website should be filled with large content. But to ensure that people actually come and see that material, you need to do a little more with content marketing to promote your content.

If you run your site on WordPress because more than 25 % of sites do, then you have some extra tools, some for free. That can help you increase your reach and increase traffic to your business website.

Jetpack has some great features that do not meet the self-hosted WordPress site by default. You can change them from Automatic with a freemium plugin jetpack, which makes WordPress the WordPress.

Jetpack is packed with features including stats, rich galleries, security, and community amenities. But today, we are focusing on social sharing facilities that come through propagated modules.

Once activated, you can connect your site to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. When connected, any new posts will be automatically shared into your connected social account. JetPack also provides sharing buttons to embed in your blog posts and pages with one-click options to share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Pocket, Tumblr and other platforms. You can pay more to do, but the Jetpack plugin is completely free to use everything described here.


The Buffer is a social media management tool that helps you plan and scheduling social media posts in the future. The free version allows you to connect one account per forum to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. You can set up ten future postings on each account. If you want to stop once per week or skip helpful posts and schedule your post. Then you have a free version, or you can pay to make a little more automation for the premium edition.

Paid versions start at $ 10 per month and add shared support with Pinterest support, additional pin schedules, more accounts, and team members. Premium Edition also gives you the option to add an RSS feed. Which is a syndicated feed of all blog posts from the website?

If you use WordPress, you are already running on Feed Up and You can see RSS Feeds here. As you can see, the RSS feed does not include a separate version of your post. Which has no formatting and can use some extra information tools such as buffer titles and other content for other content to be removed, Such as sharing on social media.


The Buffer is a great time to schedule future content for posting. But some content on your site is evergreen and can be shared from time to time on Twitter, Facebook and other sites. MeetEdgar allows you to create custom queues for content to schedule for future on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

I like the ability to queue, which repeatedly posts my most popular and most useful content on a regular or random schedule.

And I gave my virtual accessory access to my Edgar account so that they could add new posts, queue custom images. And review new posts that Edgar automatically imports from my RSS feed to add to different queues.

Then do not want to post my monthly income report again. But I want to add evergreen content which will never get stuck in future reshares.

Social Warfare     

Social Warfare is a WordPress plugin that features how to control the content shared on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with features. I paid annual premium licenses specifically for Pinterest features, but Twitter and Facebook optimization are also very good.

I ensure that Social Warfare is configured for each new post and my assistant has added and added social warfare data in some of my old, popular posts.

Social Warfare helps you add and customize the sharing buttons around your site. Just like those bars on social icons above and below the blog post on many sites. You can also enter custom metadata that uses social networks to select the title, image and shared content when a link is shared.

For example, every time someone shares one of my new posts on Facebook or Twitter then populates a specific formatted image entry for those networks. For Pinterest, a dedicated Pinterest formatted image is selected.

Do not Ignore Social Sharing        

Social media can be a big source of visitors and customers for your business, but if you ignore it, then it does not work. Follow social media best practices, use the best tools, and focus on users. If you do, then success should be followed soon.

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