Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners

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Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Beginners. Being an affiliate marketer, you need to wear many hats at one go. That is, you need a good content marketer, SEO professional, product manager, social media marketer, conversion rate optimizer, and a combination of accountants.

Therefore, to make such multitasking efficiently, you may need to use affiliate marketing tools to make the process faster and easier.

At the top of all of this, using tools, eventually, you get more traffic and revenue.

Before we check affiliate marketing tools, skim through the top benefits of using such devices.

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3 key benefits of affiliate marketing tools

How do affiliate marketing tools give you better performance?

    • Let’s imagine that you have a day’s work and you want to earn with the associated time with affiliate marketing. In this scenario, affiliate marketing tools will assist in your productivity.
    • Affiliate marketing tools will explore opportunities or opportunities for you. Which you cannot find yourself to succeed in affiliate marketing, find out your own niche that others do not have.
    • You do not have to worry about heavy investment yourself.

Obviously, pay attention to those affiliate marketing tools that make you easy to earn money.

Affiliate Marketing Tools Advice for Affiliate Marketing

Research and Analysis Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing Tools for Profitable Marketing Niche and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To make affiliate marketing effectively, you need to research the right market. Plus, you have to find the proper and proper inclusion of SEO to make your online marketing successful.

The following tools will guide you in getting aforesaid.

1) Google Keyword Planner

You must use the right keywords for people to find your content or product. To know which keywords people are searching for, you can use the Google Keyword Planner tool.

The tool helps you find comprehensive keywords and lets us see what Google Keyword Planner can do:

    • Unlock the exact search volume.
    • Keyword ideas for more than three words at a time.
    • Look for attractive keywords by looking at the suggested bid
    • Keyword Volume for local areas for your own city level.
    • You can see what devices people are using (and for which you should optimize).

2) AmaSuite

What is AmaSuite?

AmaSuite is designed for Amazon Affiliate Marketer’s products. So, what can you do with AmaSuite?

With AmaSuite, you can research products on Amazon that you want to sell.

Also, AmaSuite helps you find “buyer keywords” that users use to buy products.

This software is easy to use for beginners and supportive Amazon enthusiasts. The latest version, AmaSuite 5 is doing spectacular rounds in the market.

AmaSuite is a bundle of software included in the software,

    • Ama Keyword Generator,
    • Top Product Analyzer,
    • Ama Search Analyzer,
    • Review analyzer.

With Ama Keyword Generator, you can find exact keywords that people are searching on the Amazon website to get the desired product. You can use these keywords in the description to rank your headings and top positions.

Top Product Analyzer helps you find top-selling products on Amazon. This is done by dragging the vendor’s data such as weight, ships, site, total offer, dimension, sales price, and more.

Search Analyzer will help you find products of more than 67,000 categories from Amazon US and UK.

Ama Review Analyzer will help you review the ability to come up with a product idea to sell product reviews.

There are some fascinating choices about AmaSuite,

    1. You have clear instructions on how to use each device.
    2. A complete curriculum on how to build affiliate websites.
    3. Access to AmaSuite’s private Facebook Mastermind group.
    4. Amasuit is really cheap and it will not spoil your pocket.

3) Long Tail Pro

As you know, long-tail keywords are often used in search engines to use the keyword type. The more detailed your keyword is, the more you have a chance to rank higher in the search engine.

So, how do you get such keywords?

You can get it from the Long Tail Pro Keyword Research Tool. All you need to do is type the root keyword related to your niche in Long-Tailed Pro, then it does its job to generate a set of long-tailing keywords.

Advantages of Using Long Tail Pro for Affiliate Marketing

The speed and effectiveness of your keyword research with Long Tail Pro is a big advantage. There are other advantages with the Long Tail Pro Tool:

    1. You input keywords on a particular topic and get hundreds of niche long-tail keywords.
    2. Longtail PRO will make it easy for you to analyze the competition of keywords.
    3. Fine-tune your content with the best long-tailed keywords.
    4. Know your target audience better.
    5. Find low-compete keywords.

4) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the popular affiliate marketing tools for backlink analysis of comprehensive SEO. This is a useful tool for keyword analysis and website ranking. Each website uses various SEO metrics to analyze quantification results for analyzing the device and analyzing it.

How can Ahrefs help you as an affiliate marketer?

You get qualitative input for organic search reports

Ahrefs analyzes your website and gives a clear picture of what should be done to make your site more visible and highly ranked.

You get a detailed backlink analysis report

Ahrefs does a good SEO backlink analysis of a website. You get a complete load of all backlinks from different 3rd party referral sites.

In the same way, you also get the backlink analysis report of your competitor’s website.

Keyword Research Tool Provides Competitive Keyword Analysis

Through the Ahrefs keyword research report, you get a clear idea of the keywords that you need to optimize and rank your site.

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer

In Ahrefs, the Content Explorer tool gives you information about popular content lists based on performance metrics such as social content, organic search traffic, and contextual domains.

Ahrefs’ Rank

This tool tracks the flow of website traffic. Various criteria are also used to rank domains. And compare with other competing domains.

URL Rating

With this tool, Azure tells you which URL is getting more links quantitatively and qualitatively.

Historical Backlink Data Analysis

Maintaining historical data of Backlinks is important. It helps you to compare with those backlinks that are life.

Link Intersect

To prepare the overall SEO audit report, you need to know which sites your competitors are getting backlinks from.

The site of an explorer in Ahrefs has links to the intersection. This allows you to add three competitors to your competitors. To see how they are moving forward in comparison to you in SEO Backlinks.

You can do a better competitive analysis with Ahref

With the help of Ahrefs, you can find out which competitions in SERP are doing better than you. Knowing this can help you reconsider your content strategy to target more effectively.

Using Ahrefs, you can develop a complete content strategy

Ahrefs Content Explorer lets you know which current topic is currently running. You can also know which materials the publishers are looking for.

This kind of analysis will help you create the appropriate content that will get more page views.

5) SEMrush

It helps to analyze the huge amount of SEO data related to your site and your competitors. Imagine 106 million keywords on approximately 47 million domains. Can you use SEMrush for your affiliate marketing?

Let’s take a look at the advantages.

SEMrush allows you to research keywords that allow you to trust potential customers

There are several ways in which people type in similar search phrases in search engines to find their favorite products or services. However, the same conclusions emerge from all these methods.

As an affiliate marketing, you can use SEMrush to type in a product-specific keyword, not only the estimated search volume monthly. But to see related keyword suggestions, which are close to the meaning of the original search term.

Such search results will show what kind of content should be on your website. It helps you to forward your content to potential customers.

You can see top-performing keywords and pages

The keywords appearing on Google’s top ten pages automatically spider web site. This data is incredibly useful for affiliate marketers.

6) Google Search Console

What does Google Search Console actually do?

This is a free tool for Google to know and improve the health of your website. The specific benefits of Google Search Console that will help affiliate marketers

Submit Sitemap for indexing by Googlebot. By submitting a sitemap to Google, you can find more information about Google’s web crawler.

Many websites will automatically generate a sitemap for you. Once you’ve got it, it’s easy to load it on Google Search Console.

You can know the general keywords people use to find you

People who found your website may have reached your site using a specific search term. So, Google Search Console will reveal the most common keywords that direct people to your website.

You can identify your most popular pages

Some pages of your website will perform better than others. This will bring people to your website. Google Search Console will help you identify the pages on your website that attract people.

You can easily spot where your visitors are coming from

You may have a business service that works in a particular part of the world. In this case, it is important to bring the people of that particular geographical area.

It’s easy to open your geographic-specific people with Google Search Console.

With Google Search Console, you can identify devices that people use

So far, your business must have a mobile-friendly website. It is good to know what your visitors are chatting with your website on different types of devices. You must have covered Google Search Console on this.

You need to make sure that your website works well on mobile

To get the maximum affiliation, your affiliate marketing requires the mobile compatibility of your website. To determine mobile compatibility, your website must pass the mobile usability standards of Google Search Console.

You can see which site links to you

You know that backlinks are one of the biggest factors in ranking. This would be useful if any other official website links to your site. It enhances the rights of your website in the eyes of Google’s algorithm.

Check for broken links

Broken links take people away from those working pages that you want them to remain. Google will also not be happy with the broken link and it ultimately affects your ranking.

In the crawl section of Google Search Console, you can find details about any errors Google found when crawling your website.

It contains all URLs that return a 404 error.

You can identify website security issues

When your website has a security flaw, Google Search Console alert you.

Confirm your schema mark-up or structured data is working

You can use schema mark-up or other structured data on your website. In this case, Google can confirm for you whether it is correct to work in SERPs.

With many of these Google Search Console found probabilities, their affiliate marketing initiatives cannot veto them all.

7) Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can get free web analytics services. It provides data and basic analytical tools for SEO and marketing purposes.

Required Takeaways with Google Analytics for Affiliate Marketers:

    1. Find out which online campaigns get more traffic and conversions,
    2. Determine where your best visitors are located,
    3. Learn what are people searching on your website,
    4. Visualize which pages are being used most often,
    5. Uncover your top content,
    6. Identify your worst performing pages,
    7. Discover for a mobile site.

8) Screaming Frog SEO Spyder Tool

I’ll tell you what this device is.

SEO Spider is a powerful and flexible site crawler that small and very large both websites crawled efficiently. At the same time, you can analyze the results in real-time. SEO Spider Tools collects major onsite data to guide SEO in informed decisions.

List me some of the benefits of SEO Spyder Tools, which can be used in your affiliate marketing,

    1. SEO Spider Tool helps you find broken links,
    2. Find temporary and permanent redirection, identify and correct them if necessary,
    3. Analysis of Metas,
    4. Search for duplicate content,
    5. Review robots and other instructions,
    6. Generate XML Sitemap.

9) Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is one of the best links to the Intelligence tool.
Now I will focus on how you can use Majestic SEO tools for competitive analysis

Quick Link Intelligence Review

With Majesty, you can get a free small set of competitive data. You can check several quality factors at the link of the contestant.

Anchor Text

It’s a good way to find out why your competitors are ranking for those keywords they are showing. You can also find out what type of anchor text your competitors are targeting. And what do they refer naturally use to describe their sites?

Referral Domain

If the referral domains are sending traffic to your competitor’s site, then they can send you until you are providing similar quality.

You need to review the type of content provided to the site and its users. See if you can offer content of similar value that they are ready to link.

You can further tell that any individual can send personal emails to the in-charge of the site, to explain why a link to your site benefits them.

Deleted Links and Mention

Majestic SEO is a good place to list your site.

You can find out why they removed the link to your competitor’s site. And maybe try to keep your site in their place. If their site has a mention, you can too. And you may have turned into a real link.

Top Backlinks

Top backlinks are links that you should work hard to get for your site.

Image Link

Using images to search for a site that connects to your competitor’s site is really great. Because these are places where you can probably buy advertising space.

Many sites will keep banner ads directly with links that you can buy for a monthly or annual fee.

Since you pay for ads, make sure you get a good alt text.

Content Marketing Tools for Affiliates

Content is King and Content Marketing is the backbone of affiliate marketing. To make your affiliate website successful, it is necessary to use the right tools to create attractive content to entice your affiliate website visitors.

By using the tools given below, timely, appropriate, and updated content will pave your way for successful affiliate marketing.

10) WordPress

WordPress is the most popular tool for creating a website. With WordPress, you can design any style of the website. This is a simple blog. On a full-business business website.

You can also create an online store using WordPress.

Now let me tell you how to create an affiliate website using WordPress

With WordPress, you can broaden your scope of affiliate marketing. There are various types of affiliate websites on which you can work with WordPress. Let me briefly tell them.

Daily Deals

It can be done using WordPress. The coupon is an easy way to create a site via a pre-style coupon theme like WordPress theme.

It has got everything you need for the site of your daily deals. Like Front-End Deals Submissions, Easy Theme Options, Coupon Downtown, Social Integration, and more.

If you already have a theme, then a plugin can suit you.

You can add a coupon for your WooCommerce with WooCommerce Coupon Countdown WordPress Plugin.

Price Comparison Sites

You can add your review and affiliate link to your price comparison site using the Price Comparison WordPress theme.

This is a good option to share your favorite products and services with your readers. You can do this by using the easy to read comparisons tables with logos, dates, prices, and more.

Apart from Go Responsive Pricing and WordPress Plugin is useful for creating comparison tables for anything.

Last but least, you can compare the WooCommerce product to the free WordPress plugin as well.

Product Review Sites

Review WordPress Theme is a Review Magazine Theme, with easy review options for readers to give your ratings in addition to you.

Also, visitors who visit your site will be confident about the rating and click on those affiliate links.

To add reviews to your current site you can use the Taqyeem rating and review the WordPress plugin. This plugin has unlimited colors, unlimited review criteria, custom fonts, and many review styles.

Last but not least option is WP Product Reviews Free WordPress Plugin.

One more thing I want to emphasize is “Why WordPress for Affiliate Marketing?”

    • WordPress is easy and versatile.
    • WordPress search engine friendly
    • You can easily integrate ads
    • And of course, you can get a lot of support from the WordPress community of bloggers, consultants, fellow contributors, developers, experts, etc.

11) Copscape

You and I often think how cool it would be with Ctrl-A + Ctrl C + Ctrl V But I’m sorry, Google Panda algorithms to punish such copycats. Otherwise, you and others can discover the content copied using the Copyscape tool. Anyway, what is this?

Copyscape is a tool used to prevent plagiarism. This is a free tool. This is a two-way literary theft investigation. As you can see that your content has been copied or someone else copied the content of your site.

Give me a list of the viability of the device for a clear understanding.

    • Check duplicate content on your site
    • Determine whether other bloggers, sites, or authors have not stolen your content.
    • Get a free premium API.
    • Free Comparison Tool
    • It offers a free plagiarism banner.
    • You can take advantage of free or premium services.

12) Grammarly

High quality written content is required to achieve high search engine rankings. As an affiliate marketer, you can write content about products or services and post them on your blog page.

But impeccable English writing is a major factor in maintaining prospective customers. Here comes Grammarly, which I will call an English-language writing tool.

From my experience, your content is grammatically readable to international audiences.

Grammarly helps the authors in the following ways:
    1. Checks for grammar mistakes.
    2. Helps you solve the prepositions errors.
    3. Spots used words and gave a correct replacement for highly used words.
    4. Places the incomplete sentence and helps the writer complete the sentence.
    5. Helps solve the overuse of passive voice.
    6. Checks for plagiarism

13) Canva

Canva is a device that has easy to use features and functions. With them, you create various types of attractive content that can be shared.

Canva helps you score better on two matrices of content marketing campaigns. That is “contains the production material” and “produces consistent content”. These two matrices are essential for successful affiliate marketing.

You can create many content types with canvas. E.g., social media images, header templates, marketing materials, documents, presentations, invitations, and advertisements. and many more.

Eight effective steps can be employed to create visual content with Canvas to promote your affiliate marketing:

    1. First of all, identify your content goals and platforms that will suit them the most
    2. To find and create the right content go through the Template Library
    3. You can use Canvas’s built-in photo library to find the right visuals for your post.
    4. Use typography to match the image and text.
    5. Increase your image with a filter
    6. Change the size of designs based on platforms.
    7. Canva enables a team to collaborate or post the footage on social media
    8. You also have the advantage of making a better design using Canvas’s free interactive courses.

14) Buzzsumo

Yes. It’s good to buzz this device for your content to work. So, what’s in this tool for you? Buzzsumo is a tool that helps keep your content on top of your competitors. It acts as a research and monitoring tool.

How does Buzsumo help you overcome your affiliate competitors?

    1. It helps you to create a strong core theme,
    2. Find out which content was shared the most, and on which networks,
    3. Immediately find out what the big industry people are sharing,
    4. Create Awesome Headlines,
    5. Develop induced material,
    6. You can make appropriate link sources,
    7. Find out interesting content to share with your followers,
    8. List the impact that you can reach,
    9. You can research the content of your competitors,
    10. Create alerts for trending articles.

15) CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

When you turn the pages of the newspaper, you probably are the most headlined. If this is the case with a daily newspaper then imagine reading online. Readers will continue to read your content only when you have powerful headlines.

So to get the promotion, get more leads, and sell your content that you need to make headlines to work.

So where do you get these real and relevant headlines?

You can try the CoSchedule Headline Analyzer Tool. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is a free tool that will analyze the quality of your content title.

After the analysis, it will suggest ways to improve headlines for one, even better results.

Highlights of CoSchedule headline analyzer,
    • This tool gives you a visual representation of where and how your title hits.
    • Look at the structure, grammar, and readability.
    • Categorizes your title type.
    • Look at the balance of your words.
    • Breaks your title according to common words, unusual words, emotional words, and powerful words.

Affiliate Email Marketing Tools

Email is proven to be a communication channel in affiliate marketing. The following email marketing tools will increase your scope of marketing related to streaming your messages via email.

16) GetResponse

Of course, these small messages can have direct contact points with your goals. They are sent directly to the email where people are provoking potential action.

So why not organize these messaging chips to help you with your affiliate marketing strategy. For which you can use GetResponse.

GetResponse is the easiest email marketing service. This tool enables you to create a valuable customer list to develop relationships with them.

What you can do with GetResponse
You can come up with good email design

This tool is the perfect choice for sending attractive emails. You have features such as drag-and-drop / HTML code editor, 600+ pre-designed templates, 2,000 free iStock images, mobile prefetch, etc.

These features are just the beginning. You have many more options to increase your affiliate marketing through effective email campaigns.

You can come up with a RESPONSIVE design

Your email design should be a smartphone and mobile compatible. You can not consider your readers to read your email only through desktop computers.

Working on the go in today’s lifestyle. GetResponse offers you mobile-friendly email designs.

GetResponse offers you advanced segmentation

Not all of your customers are alike That’s why your business communication should be the right material for the right people.

You can use GetResponse to make it possible. With GetResponse you can easily create multiple campaigns for many groups of people.

You can test A/B with GetResponse

Yes. With GetResponse you can test split. Creating this type of campaign is quite simple. You can easily test email campaigns with A/B 50% customers.

You can create automated emails

With this feature, you can create a flowchart of the responses you want to email to your customers. That too based on their feedback or behavior towards your email.

You have assured email delivery
It feels bad when your email falls into the spam folder.

GetResponse understands it and has established an anti-spam support team to monitor accounts and send warnings when needed.

Perfect Timing Email Delivery
This is a wow factor.

The tool will tell you when your subscriber has to shoot an email. It pre-counts the time of day when your customer usually goes to Inbox.

At that time, you lock your email directly into your email to open the email. It seems like a magic wand to glue your customers to you.

With GetResponse you have advanced Analytics

It is important to analyze email marketing metrics to entice your customers in affiliate marketing. In advanced analytics, you can see,

    • Open Click Rate
    • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
    • Subscriber Activity Pattern
    • The device used to read your email

You can optimize your email to match the needs and preferences of your target audience. You can also see social data such as likes, shares, RT, etc. how good your email content is.

With GetResponse you can get a highly converted landing page

I know this makes you wonder. But you can actually design a landing page of your own or with your help of 1,000 free iStock images, you can design from your own scratch. You have a drag-and-drop option. You can also split-up your landing pages.

Now, look at this. Easy webinar solution with GetResponse

Lots on the plate. I do believe. With GetResponse you can create and broadcast your webinar. You should not forget to remember this. This webinar is an upcoming marketing strategy that is to engage with the audience on a lot more personal platform.

You can customize your own webinar URL. Use the date-and-time picker and schedule your webinar accordingly. You can also choose to keep your webinar open or secured.

17) Drip

Anyway, what is “drip” here? I mean “drip email”. Drip emails are email emails that are sent automatically after a set time.

For a simple understanding, this is nothing but an automatic email is sent one day when the visitor signs up for a promotion or creates an account on your website.

These are “drip” preset messages that you send to the customer or potential buyers over time.

The drip email campaign software has some specific features, This allows you to collect email addresses from your website.

You can get customer email addresses from different sources. You can create a drip campaign using blueprints.

The drip helps your business by giving your customers the ability to trigger an action according to any action you take.

You can start cost-effectively using drip software.

18) OptimizePress

Tell me what is OptimizePress. This is a versatile tool. Which will be helpful for bloggers, copywriters, affiliate marketers, and many other digital curators.

OptimizePress is specially designed for WordPress websites. You can install it as a theme or as a plugin.

To help you with your email affiliate marketing, you have the Emma Email Marketing integration in OptimizePress.

Let me list out some of the best features of Emma,

Marketing automation

It’s easy to integrate Emma on your website. As soon as people navigate your content, you can track user activity and send an email.

Emma GDPR (general data protection regulation) complaint

Emma is safe for customers who meet the GDPR criteria. For example, Emma has got features like toggling on the signup form and permanent delete functions.

Dynamic content

With Emma’s Email Editor, you can create multiple versions of an email and release these versions in different ways in a targeted way.

A/B Testing

Emma enables A/B testing of email to send the best email to customers. So, you also know which email likes and what your contacts do not like.

Landing Page

With Emma, you can create web pages based on the email you send. For example, suppose you are running a campaign for customers to take the cooking class you give.

Then you bring them a beautiful email to encourage them to take their class. You can create a branded landing page for your website which is specially dedicated to the campaign.


Emma’s analysis shows how many of your contacts have opened your email. Based on which you get “mailing scores” for previous campaigns.

Emma also provides a click map to find out where your contacts most often clicked.

19) OptinMonster

What is OptinMonster? This is cloud-based lead generation software that was launched in 2013. This software was created by Syed Bakhli and Thomas Griffin.

The software supports all popular opt-in form types.

Rather than just lead generation software, it is also a conversion optimization software. This helps to increase your email list. And of course, your sales and revenues too.

There are some positive affiliate marketing enablers with OptinMonster:-

    • You have drag and drop form builder for high conversion,
    • Remote intent to change the “lost” visitors to the device,
    • Enables advanced page-level targeting,
    • You get the well time and beautiful pop-ups,
    • You can test A/B,
    • Enables detailed analytics,
    • 2 step opt-in process with MonsterLink,
    • Full-Screen Welcome Gate,
    • You can have mobile-specific pop-ups for more conversion,
    • In the case of the floating bar, you need the option of a pop-up,
    • After posting an in-line form,
    • Signature OptinMonster Technology,

20) Instapage

Let me tell you what is Instapage.

Instapage is an end-to-end platform that is building, integrating, publishing, and A/B test landing page which does not require any engineering resources.

Improved customer relationships are created using their email addresses.

How Instapage Enhances Your Email Subscriber List. This gateway webinar does this by providing links to landing pages.

Instapage boosts email lists to substantiate your Instapage blog visitor counts. Emails are collected using strategically kept sign-up form.

Collecting Email Addresses from PPC Landing Page.

Read this:- List of Top 15 Affiliate Marketing Websites

Social Media Management Tools for Affiliates

We rarely ask our friends, “Are you on WhatsApp and Facebook?” And also, See World Cup Cricket’s hashtag on Twitter.

Centuries and millenniums make heavy use of social media. And also, those who have a huge amount of online shopping.

Tapping such a potential population for an associated business would result in huge increments. The following social media management tools help you to do this.

21) Followerwonk

What’s in this name for affiliate marketing?

Well, this is a Twitter analytics tool that allows you,

    • Collect and analyze information on Twitter users,
    • Determine trends in social networking tools,
    • Expand the audience and follower base,
    • Identify and engage the brand’s impact on your specific traces,
    • Reverse relationships with friends and competitive brands and,
    • Optimize brand campaigns effectively by matching activities that attract and engage followers.

Know more about Followerwonk

22) Slack

You should know what the slack is. This is a chat room for your entire company. Its function is similar to Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

Slack of your team will be divided into smaller channels for group discussion. Which is made up of teams, interests, or your wishes.

There are some remarkable features of Slack,

    1. Slack helps you find the information you need with an advanced search modifier.
    2. Minimize your searches permanently to avoid seeing information from irrelevant channels.
    3. Skip the search box of Slack and start a search from the message box.
    4. Save your place in the channel or direct message.
    5. Slack Quick Switcher allows you to go directly to any channel, direct message, or team.
    6. Slack makes it easy to find an important message or file.
    7. You can catch up on activity early.
    8. With Slack, you can hide all inline image previews.
    9. With this tool, you can alert specific groups of peoples.
    10. You can message anyone privately from anywhere.
    11. With Slack’s own built-in document editor you can collaborate on the fly.
    12. Slack has got an option to share your computer screen with anyone.
    13. Slack’s messaging system lets you easily select between channels.
    14. Automatically post reminders to channels, groups, or individuals before beginning an event.
    15. Slack shows you all new articles from the source as they are published.
    16. Integrate directly with a large list of third-party applications and services.

23) Buffer

What is a Buffer? Buffer is a social media management tool.

What can you do with this device? You can share your favorite content from anywhere on your social network.

It helps you stay on top of your own content.

Buffer can give you a hand in the manner of affiliate marketing,

Buffer scheduling you to relieve trouble – for example, if you are reading an article and found something interesting to share. All you have to do click on the “Add to Buffer” extension. And the rest of the attention is kept by the app. You can also pre-set different schedules by yourself and test and decide what works according to you.

Discover new content ‘Read and Share’ – Buffer also acts as a source to discover new and exciting content.

You can create your RSS Feed inside it – if you prefer to keep a tab on your favorite blogs and as soon as new articles are published, you can do it easily with the “Feeds” tab in Buffer.

If you want to share any of your articles, you can do so by selecting any meaningful text that can change the title of the article.

You can prepare your tweets with custom images, which will be within Twitter’s dimensions to stand out.

Attach a picture with Buffer feeds – This hack will work quite well with the integration of Pinterest within the Buffer.

Republish the best performing content – You can republish the best performing content in a single account and also promote it in many accounts.

Plus, you can use the Buffer in combination with many other devices.

Turn on a dime with affiliate marketing

These affiliate marketing tools are a capsule that tools can run to your affiliate marketing business.

In my affiliate marketing journey, using these affiliate marketing tools and making fun was thrilling and productive. Therefore, I suggest that you employ tools that fit you with hard work and start money using affiliate marketing.

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