Best Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Need to Know

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Best Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Need to Know

Best Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Need to Know. One reason that marketers love affiliate marketing is that it is easy to measure. Perhaps that’s why a lot of money is being spent on this. By 2020, the expenditure is expected to reach $ 6.82 billion.

More investment in affiliate marketing means more workload and an increase in the need for best affiliate marketing tools and software. In this post, I will talk about some of the best affiliate marketing tools that can make life easier for marketers.


LinkTrust is known for its excellent customer support. Their affiliate marketing tool is customizable. It gives you access to payments, content, and analytics from ads, devices, products, and even offers.

Their optimization interface allows you to track all types of ads via pixels, server posts, cookies, mobile traffic, etc.


Everflow is probably one of the best affiliate marketing tools. This gives you real-time affiliate analytics.

With EverFlow, you get protection from fraud during clicks, impressions, conversions, and post-conversion activities. Their Flow change feature gives you full control through a rule engine and automates your campaign.


The unique thing about AffTrack is that it is the only tool in the market that provides unlimited clicks for all its packages. These days they are offering full loaded service for new customers at just $ 1 for 3 months.

They also provide unlimited accessories and offers.

Impact Radius

It was on the list of 5000 of America’s fastest-growing private companies in 2019. Impact Radius has an affiliate marketing tool. It gives you universal access to affiliates and lets you manage influencers and traditional partners on a forum.

This platform allows you to contract with affiliates, then track traffic and conversions. You can also credit the affiliate according to your conditions.


HitPath is a multichannel tracking platform. Their interface is simple and user-friendly. The most valuable features include a cross-pub campaign accelerator, real-time tracking, and associated management.

The interest is also scalable and adaptable. They are known to be flexible for customer’s demands.


This advanced affiliate tracking software has features like a built-in affiliate contact tool, a warning when any affiliate leaves you, and more. ClickInc also helps you achieve SERP ranking using your colleagues.

Their True Link feature no longer requires any affiliate IDs. It tracks everything from the registered URL of the affiliates.


The key features of the voluum include a state of the art reporting tool, not to mention real-time reporting, and about 20 standard and 10 custom data points about page visitors.

It also includes direct tracking pixels and CPC, CPM, and CPA cost models.


Affiliate marketing tools, Tune, Unlimited affiliates also provide. It has great tracking metrics and 99% tracking uptime. It also provides insight and procurement processes.

This tool can also provide you leads. This is particularly beneficial for agencies handling client accounts.

Journey by Cake

This is an affiliate marketing tools. Journey by Cake helps you optimize your expenditure on the basis of important steps in travel and data-driven prices.

It integrates segregated with other marketing tools as well.


Adplexity is one of the most popular tools for intelligence. You can monitor the profitable advertisements of your competitors. And you get desktop, mobile, and native options for all your traffic needs.

You can also keep an eye on your competitors’ e-commerce products and stores.

Post Affiliate Pro

According to their clients, it is easy to get started with Post Affiliate Pro. They also have great customer support.

Their main features include fraud protection and accurate tracking. They accept all types of affiliate links and allow multiple currencies.


WhatRunsWhere ensures you spend every penny on advertising wisely. This gives you insight into taking action in your digital strategy.

With WhatRunsWhere, you get access to 60 million ads in 7 countries. Here you get fresh data every day so that you can plan your strategies with full accuracy.


Awin has an affiliate marketing network of 13,000 advertisers, 100,000 publishers. Not surprisingly, they provide valuable market insights in the form of whitepapers, podcasts, etc.

HP, Emirates, AliExpress, Forbes are some big names in their client list.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate is one of the world’s largest affiliate networks designed to help you run great results.

You can use this platform to buy your customers and influence them during their visit. They help you identify and reward the most influential partners.


ShareASale is a platform where merchants and affiliates can find and trade. Their cutting-edge technology makes it easy for customers to use.

Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy is a tool that helps you start profitable affiliate marketing campaigns in less than an hour. You can easily get top contributors to promote your products using this tool.

This lets you do an advanced search to identify top partners. In addition, you can use this tool to gain a deeper analysis of your competitors, statistics, affiliates, and ad copies.

Thirsty Affiliates

At Thirsty Affiliates, bloggers not only list themselves, but Thirsty Affiliates also earn money. Therefore, for marketers, it is easy to get active partners here.

Thirsty Affiliates fixes broken links. It also provides an alternative destination for international clicks.


Refersion is an advanced tool that allows you to efficiently manage, track, and develop your network. You can integrate your e-commerce platform to track any sales for your affiliate drive. It helps you monitor real-time conversions.

This tool also allows you to take advantage of unlimited commissioning structures and automate commission. Get access to performance reports and analyzes.

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MaxBounty is a leading and trusted affiliate network that allows you to cooperate with the top affiliate on a cost-per-action basis.

You only pay for results, that is when you receive a customer. This makes MaxBounty one of the most effective and profitable advertising networks. You have access to more than 20K affiliates who can help you gain access and generate more sales.


LeadDyno is an easy-to-use software that enables you to start an affiliate campaign. You can come across top allies and influencers who are looking for products like yours.

Each of your new affiliates has access to the custom affiliated dashboard. You can provide all the information you need to promote them to your brand or products.


Ambassador is one of the best world’s all-in-one referral software platforms. Identify partners, influencers, employees, and other advocates whom you want to be a partner.

Easily register targeted and personalized referral campaigns to run them. Manage all your affiliates / Ambassador in one place and monitor their performance. You can efficiently customize your referral program to boost your brand’s reach, awareness, and sales.


Popularly known as a Content Research Tool, BuzzSumo also enables you to identify marketers like you who are top influencers in your niche. You can filter your list of potential influences by your access, authority, influence, and engagement.

BuzzSumo also allows you to create outreach lists and connect with key influencers. The most favorable partners for your affiliate campaigns are the most favorable partners.


Tapfiliate is an amazing affiliate tracking software for e-commerce businesses. You can create your custom affiliate program in no time.

This software enables you to reward, track, and encourage your colleagues. You can choose different types of commissioned structures and track all the clicks, links, and conversions.


Compare your social graphs with others. With Followerwonk, you can connect with related influencers. Find a detailed follower-analysis, place, bio, and whom they follow. You can also sort followers by using their account age, the number of followers, people they follow, and tweets.

This data can help you choose and connect with top partners for your campaigns.


AvantLink helps you reach a network of qualified affiliates who are really serious about referral marketing. This software allows you to take advantage of high-converting tools and strong real-time reporting.

Whether you are a newbie or an affiliate marketing giant, expect the best results with the transition. You can also use several third-party tools with this platform.


Omnistar is an easy-to-use software that helps you optimize your referral marketing campaigns for faster development.

You can create an affiliate program and integrate it with your own website. Affiliates can easily promote their brands and products, including their own customers. You will not only get new customers, but sales will also increase.

Marketing Made Easy

With these tools in hand, your affiliate marketing business will be more effective than ever before. Keeping this position while selecting your affiliate marketing tool so that you can find the best tools for your business.

What tools are you using for your affiliate marketing efforts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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