40+ Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Grow Up Your Businesses [2020]

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40+ Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Grow Up Your Businesses [2020]
Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Grow Up Your Businesses. More than 2.72 billion people now use Facebook. For social media marketers, more users mean more consumers. But more competition comes with more users.
Now due to factors such as Facebook algorithm changes, social media marketers must be savvier than ever to compete. Marketers need to pull out all the stops to ensure that their Facebook channel is easy to find, provides value, and possibly represents their business in the best ways.

In this article, you will learn 40+ Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Your Businesses.

1. Complete your page

You will be surprised by how many Facebook barriers are about the sections. It is important to complete the page about your business page. Your Facebook business page can often be your visitors’ first place after Google Search. Ensure that all your information is including your website, social links, and contact information.

2. Double Down on Previous Successes

Doubling, recycling, or posting the last successful content is a strategy that is often used less often by most marketers. Traditional thinking can inspire you to make original content every time but this should not always be the case. To save time and energy you need, try to recreate or recycling the well-performed content in the past.

3. Change/update Facebook Cover Photo

The Facebook cover photo is often an undiscovered area for some self-promotion. If you are contesting or discharging, then your Facebook cover photo promotional billboard can act like. Show the rewards you are giving and show a link to the competition to see all your visitors.

4. Pin a Post

Do not miss the opportunity to pin a post at the top of your Facebook feed. After publishing a new blog post, to give a gift, or to announce a new feature, pin it at the top of your feed so that it is the first post to see your visitors.

5. Claim your Facebook Vanity URL

Once your page has 25 likes, you can claim your vanity URL, which means that you can direct fans to a URL like “facebook.com/YourBusinessName”. This helps visitors find your page and makes it easy for you to promote your marketing on other marketing materials.

6. Include as a Button on Your Website and Blog

Having a button like Facebook on your website and blog, traffic from these channels can be sent to your Facebook page, blog readers and subscribers can be turned into social media fans. Lure them to like your page with CTA – for example, “Like our page to be up-to-date with the latest products and promotions!”

7. Q & A

Facebook media comes in all sizes and formats, which is a perfect way to organize a Q & A session with your followers. Post start date and time for questions. Then post an update to request questions from your followers. Answer those questions, pre-record the video, or just write in some answers. The choice is up to you.

8. Promote Your Page in Your Email Signature

By putting a small button or link on your Facebook page in your email signature, you can send some traffic from those people you communicate with your Facebook page, which has the ability to help you collect some choices, While these people are also showing their business.

9. Promote Your Page in Your Email List

Give your email clients a good reason to become their Facebook fans. Special deals, materials, or promotions will get your email customers to follow the content you post.

10. Increase Transparency

Social media channels provide a great opportunity for businesses to connect with those who love their brand. Building and strengthening the relationship you are developing by increasing the level of transparency of your post. People want to know you, your story, and why you are in business. Give them an inside look and you will be rewarded with long-term business.

11. Promote Your Page with a Facebook Page

Facebook’s advertising equipment has come a long way. For a few dollars, you can get your Facebook page in front of those people who will be most interested in what you want to offer. Promote your ads with Facebook ads and reach the people you are trying to reach – only very fast.

12. Run a Facebook Contest

A Facebook contest is a perfect opportunity to connect with your fans and make fun. A great award and fun entry rules will ensure that your competition is shared between your fans and their friends.

13. Use Custom Facebook Tabs

Did you know that you can create custom landing pages directly on your Facebook page? A custom Facebook tab allows anyone to create a custom landing page for any purpose. Get more email list clients, run a Facebook photo contest, or direct people to your software for a free trial. There are infinite opportunities in a custom Facebook tab.

14. Facebook Video

A video is said to be the most content on Facebook in the near future. Inside each cell phone, video production equipment and cameras can generate any video. The video performs particularly well with Facebook because it’s quick, entertaining, and easy to share. Experiment with a video for your audience, it can be encouraged to promote your content.

15. Facebook Live

Broadcasting in the world is no longer a function capable of large media companies. Anyone can now jump on Facebook and with the click of a button, can broadcast live to their fans. There are several creative ways to use live video. Use it for events, look inside, Q & A, etc. Experiment with Facebook Live and start chatting with your audience in real-time.

16. Post when Your Fans are Online

To see that most of your fans are browsing through Facebook, pay special attention to your Facebook insights. Post and adjust those times to hit them at the right time.

17. Make Attractive Images to go with Your Post

Visual Social Media Marketers are a powerful tool in Toolbox. In the visual millisecond, there is the ability to communicate sense and meaning. By adding each update, the time and time have proved to be good for content without visuals.

18. Test Different Media Types

If your content has hit roadblocks and is not able to gain more engagement, then maybe this content is not, maybe this format. One of the things that makes Facebook a dynamic platform supports media formats. Video, audio, written, and soon enough, VR. There are many formats to use. If you are ignoring your content, it may be time to try the video.
For most marketers, a 3,000-word article on SEO can be a bit dry. But change that article into a video and this is a different ball game. Just look at the whiteboard socks hosted by SEO Wizard Rand Fisherkin, it is one of their most anticipated pieces of content.

19. Include CTA

Many social media marketers will post on Facebook when there is no reaction and their heads will be scratched. Maybe that’s because you did not ask. Do not expect your fans to know what you want them to achieve. Clearly, the state with call-to-action what you want them to do. “Like this post, if you agree!”, “If you know someone like this” or “Comment with your thoughts” are all examples of CTA which inspire your fans to engage with you.

20. Experiment with Emoticons

Emoticons can also be included in the visual bucket. They are very good at getting mood, emotion, or feeling quickly. Especially for small or millennial audiences, emoticons tend to have more sense and influence on Facebook updates.

21. 70-20-10 rules

If you are having difficulty finding a material balance to post on your Facebook page, then follow the 70-20-10 rule. Post 70 % of the original and valuable content of that time. 20% of timeshare content that your fans are interested in. Then feel free to be 10 %  self-proclaimed at that time.

22. Make Infographics

Let’s all agree that data or original research can sometimes be a snooze festival. Turning into an infographic, put a fun spin on the data you collect. In this way, there will be a high chance of joining and sharing.

23. Recycle the Last Successful Content

Every time you post, there is no need to create original and resource-intensive content. Look back and see what works best for you in the past. Then spin or recycle that content in a new post. Your fans are not on Facebook 24/7 so some can miss it. Feel free to reuse or recycle the previous material so that everyone can experience it.

24. Share User-Generated Content (UGC)

Have fun in your fans Loyal followers or dying fans always create content that includes brands by them. Feel involved in adding them by sharing the content you created. Not only will it make your fans feel important but will also lighten your workload in the process.

25. Companions with Influential People

There is no pain to ask for some help. Partnership with a popular influencer in your industry is a strategy that will actually bring your brand to the front and center. Depending on the popularity of the influencer, you may have to pay or offer a free product. Calculate whether it is expected to be worth the exposure or the quantity of lead.

26. Use a Popup on Your Website with Social Channels

A website popup is a great way to direct your website visitors to your social channels where all the fun is happening. To change website followers to social media followers, including a social sharing button or widget on your popup.

27. GIFs

Nobody is denying that everyone loves a weird feedback GIF. Like emoticons, GIFs are very good at transmitting a certain sense or reaction that millenniums actually recognize. Experiment with GIF When you post an update, to see if your content gets more interaction or not.

28. Do not forget the Weekend

Just because we have a weekend off does not mean that our fans are not on Facebook. Using Facebook’s easy scheduling feature, you can post some content on weekends. It’s all about maintaining consistency.

29. Tag Other Accounts

When it comes to the partnership or simple appreciation, remember to tag the accounts you are referring to. It creates a symbiotic connection. It sends traffic to another account and develops your relationship. If you are trying to make a partnership or someone trying to notice your business, then tag them so they can get ahead.

30. Use the Hashtag

Include your business in the day-to-day popular conversation on the hashtag. Your updates are included and categorized in the big global conversation in the hashtag. Remember to keep your hashtag specific for your industry or your updates will be lost in the fold.

31. Testing Material with Ads

A business that does not yet have a foothold on its most popular content, can test things with ads. Run some blog posts in topics with Facebook Ads, with a few bucks. See who performs / converts and continues in that direction. Since Facebook targets based on interests, you will be able to see what content is best with your target audience.

32. Voting with Facebook Reactions

New Facebook responses are a fun way for voters to vote on a certain topic. Find out what popular opinion is by creating a Facebook response survey. Your fans can vote according to the responses given by you.

33. Answers to comments ASAP

For a long time, Facebook is now a place for customer feedback and support. Respond as soon as possible and review it on your Facebook page. By doing so your page will be marked with the “Quick Answer” marker so visitors know that you are active. In this way, you will be more likely to join.

34. Share with Instagram

Have a Stellar Instagram Account? Connect it to your Facebook account and share photos on Instagram with your Facebook feed. This way your Facebook fans can follow you on Instagram and vice versa.

35. Create a Facebook Group

Birds of a feather flock together. If you have been able to find and collect similar minded people on Facebook, then consider creating a Facebook group where you can discuss in depth. Having a popular Facebook group can have more access to your target audience.

36. Test the Optimum Post Length

You will see different opinions on the length of the Facebook post, so it is always best to check what works best for you. Generally, a small Facebook post performs better because people are not paid attention to reading long posts but there are exceptions. Test, test, test

37. Use Correct Image Dimensions

A blurry, out of focus image these days is an unforgivable sin. Post your view on Facebook in the best resolution for your fans. A quick Google search will pull the most optimal image resolution.

38. Use Social Media Management Tools

If you want to take your social media efforts to the next level, then you should consider using the social media management tool. A social media management tool saves you time and headaches by organizing everything in a forum to diagnose problems, schedule updates, and listen to your fans’ sayings.

39. Success Stories

As part of your self-promotion strategy, you show the success of your previous customer. A captivating story of their upliftment for success can give you more customers more interest that you have to provide.

40. Provide Facebook Special Promotion

Feel special to your Facebook fans Give Facebook a reason to follow you on Facebook by offering special deals and promotions. “Only valid for Facebook followers.”

41. Go Behind Scenes

The relationship between most marketing brands and consumers is building up. Social Media provides the right opportunity for your fans to give an interior look at the interior of your business. Show them what they are buying and what your business is all about. Behind the scenes, fans feel special and have a powerful tool to strengthen the relationship.

42. Encourage the Review

Like any other review forum, encourage your fans to leave an honest review about their experience. Positive or negative, it provides feedback for your improvement. Apart from this, Positive Reviews about giving a try to your business is social evidence for those fences.

Final Thoughts…

Hope this article “Best Facebook Marketing Tips for Grow Up Your Businesses” gives you a solid idea to improve your Facebook marketing. Like anything in marketing, it uses some testing and experimentation to fix things for your visitors.

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