21 Best Free Google Chrome Extension for SEO in 2021

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21 Best Free Google Chrome Extensions for SEO in 2021

Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers out there for a good reason. Straightforward and user-friendly, this browser is notable for its compatibility with a wide variety of google chrome extension.

SEO Chrome extensions are incredibly helpful if you are trying to streamline and track search engine optimization efforts and generally improve your website.

Are you looking for SEO-related best free google chrome extension that helps save time and get more done?

In this article, you will find a list of powerful SEO related best free google chrome extension that helps you save time and improve your SEO workflow.

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21 Powerful SEO-related Best Free Google Chrome Extension

Here are some of my favorite best free google chrome extension. Choose and select those that meet your needs to create the ultimate SEO browser experience.

Ready? let’s go!

1. SEOquake by SEMrush

The SEOquake is doubtless, one among the foremost popular Chrome SEO extensions, which is for a reason. no matter your SEO experience, it’s not only easy to use but very useful for anyone.


The extension, which is well maintained and frequently updated, basically helps to get an in-depth overview of your website with a click of a button. Right from your Alexa rank to keyword density for indexing information — you get everything under one roof.

SEOquake gives you important data to improve your SEO in three main areas:

  1. Technical
  2. Content
  3. Link Authorization

SEOquake allows you to configure and customize it according to your requirement. And if you would like access to more data, you’ll use your SEMRUSH account with it.

Last but not least, when you do a Google search for your target keyword, SEOquake gives you detailed information on each site ranking for it.

2. Mozbar

Domain authority is a metric made up by Moz. Generally speaking, the higher your domain authority, the higher your rankings are.

Moz created a Chrome extension called Mozbar that tells you the domain authority and page authority for any page on the web.


This one of the best free google chrome extension is handy when you are browsing the web and researching any potential competitors as it will quickly show you how you stack up to them and as you are going through their site you can easily spot their most authoritative pages that you need to analyze.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest’s Chrome extension lets you view keyword data right from Google search results.


It also shows you related keywords and their information, without ever leaving the SERPs. You can export the data to CSV or click on any of the information headings under “People also search for…” to be taken to the Ubersuggest dashboard for the searched keyword.

This information makes it easy to run keyword research at-a-glance automatically from the SERPs. It is my best free google chrome extension for keyword research.

4. Text Optimizer

Text Optimizer sets itself apart from the others on this list, thanks to its unique purpose. The text optimizer is not about collecting SEO stats or measuring KPIs, key performance indicators like backlinks and clicks.

This tool is about helping you make your content more SEO-friendly. It is essentially a writing tool designed for the Internet age.

Text Optimizer
Text Optimizer

The technology of the text optimizer looks for relevant words related to your content. It then creates a so-called intent table, which suggests alternative words to use in your copy, which better matches the search engine’s expectations.

5. Meta SEO Inspector

When you are trying to improve your website’s Google rank, the last thing you want is an SEO-related technical problem.

The meta tag tells Google and other major search engines what your web page actually is. Contrary to popular belief, the meta tag still matters when it comes to SEO. So if you are not optimizing them, you are risking the ranking of your website.

Meta SEO Inspector
Meta SEO Inspector

The Meta SEO Inspector Extension is a great tool to help you find out if your meta tags have been set properly. For example, if your title tag (which is the most important of them all) is too long or if the description is missing, the extension will prompt you to correct it.

Taking care of your meta tag is the first step towards keeping the technical SEO of your website.

6. Keyword Surfer

This all-rounder provides a wealth of data for free. You can check domain-level traffic estimates, local and global keyword volume, and keyword suggestions. You can also use the keyword surfer to view domain-level backlink counts. Backlinks are an important factor in improving SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Keyword Surfer
Keyword Surfer

Surfer uses reverse engineering of the top 50 results, assessing more than 500 factors that affect rankings. With this extension, you will save significant time as you will no longer need to manually analyze all your organic competitors.

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7. Redirect Path

If you want to keep the technical SEO of your website up-to-date, the redirect path is an extension that is a must-have.

Keeping all your links in working condition is an essential part of a healthy website. However, there are times when you have to change your URL for one reason or another. This is where the redirects come in.

Redirect Path
Redirect Path

Redirects are important not only for visitors but also for search engines. Because when you move or delete your content on a particular URL, you want your visitors to be moved to another working URL instead of placing it on 404-page land.

Using the redirect path extension, you can check if your redirects are working properly and ensure that your website visitors have a great user experience.

8. Pagespeed Insights

Gone are the days when people are patient with slow loading pages. Today, website speed has never been more important, with faster Internet speeds and around 60% of searches on mobile devices.

Both users and search engines expect a website to load quickly and efficiently. This means that poor loading times can hurt your website’s conversion rate and also tank your search engine rankings.

Pagespeed Insights
Pagespeed Insights

The more time you spend fixing your website’s speed issues, the more traffic and revenue you lose. This is why expansion like Pagespeed Insights is important. It tells you what to change to improve the overall loading time of your website.

PageSpeed   Insights provides your website with a “performance score” for each device and also tells you if it is mobile-friendly. If one of your pages has a low score, you can click on the “need more” link to view a detailed error report.

9. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

Fully implemented SEO can help drive targeted visitors to your website from all over the world. But the amount of traffic you receive ultimately depends on how your site ranks in different geographic locations.

Previously, Google allowed you to change domains to search for your keywords in different countries no more. But thankfully, the free SEO search simulator extension by Nightwatch lets you do just that.

SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch
SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

Whether you are doing SEO for your site or client, you can use this extension to track the ranking position of your website in search engine result pages in different countries. It basically simulates search engine queries from a location of your choice.

10. Free Backlink Checker by LRT

Outgoing link in case of your website. This is why you need to keep them in check. The free backlink checker by LRT lets you know which of your outbound links are broken, while also showing unverified links in different categories, such as no-follow vs.

Free Backlink Checker by LRT, best free google chrome extension
Free Backlink Checker by LRT

The tool is equipped with an on-page link code browser that allows you to view the source code of the link and quickly find any issues. If you want an in-depth analysis, you can easily export links (with their full profile) from the page of the XLSX or CSV file.

All in all, this best free google chrome extension can be your one-stop solution to analyze every single outgoing link on your website and fix them when needed.

11. NAP Hunter

N.A.P, meaning name, address, and phone number, is important for any business that wants to improve rankings in local search results. Why? Because Google and other major search engines use this data to rank businesses and show the best results when people conduct geo-targeted searches.

NAP Hunter, best free google chrome extension
NAP Hunter

However, obtaining N.A.P information can be a pain for SEO professionals who work with local clients. N.A.P Hunter conducts many searches for the business you work for. And it ensures that the N.A.P details are in place.

12. AMP Validator

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source coding standard designed to help publishers deliver the best user experience to their readers.

Since mobile responsive sites can load slower than their desktop counterparts, AMP allows you to load your website quickly on mobile devices. In other words, it loads the lite version of your website so that your visitors can access the information quickly and easily.

AMP Validator, best free google chrome extension
AMP Validator

AMP is not only important for a better user experience but also better SEO. Because ultimately, Google wants to give a click-through high-quality experience to its users through search results.

If your pages are good to go, you can run the AMP Validator extension on your website. If a page is not optimized for AMP, it will not show a red signal on the extension icon. It certainly could not be easier than this.

13. SERPTrends

The SEO game is dynamic in nature. And that’s why you need to keep a tab on your search engine rankings day in and day out. Doing this manually can be cumbersome for every major search engine. This is where the SERPTrends SEO extension comes in.

SERPTrends, best free google chrome extension

This best free google chrome extension shows you whether your website status has changed to SERPs. how?

When you first check a website’s ranking in Google or Bing, the extension enters its current position for the keyword. When you go back and search for the same keyword the next day, it compares the ranking to the previous day.

14. Page Analytics by Google

The performance of your website improves for how good your rank is on Google. The Page Analytics extension by Google lets you track important SEO metrics such as page views, active visitors, average time on page, and bounce rate.

Page Analytics by Google, best free google chrome extension
Page Analytics by Google

This very useful extension helps you to go through the data directly from your Google Analytics account. By the time you have entered your Google Analytics, you can see each metric in real-time by clicking on the extension’s icon.

Google search is powered by its extremely smart rank brain technology, which focuses too much on user engagement factors. By using this extension, you will be able to track how the important pages of your website are performing and work to make them more attractive.

15. SimilarWeb

One of the reasons many fail in SEO is that they fail to understand their competitors. SimilarWeb extension makes it easy for you to analyze any website and get detailed information on traffic number, bounce rate, site time, etc.

Supported by robust technology, the tool gives you lots of qualified information. It does similar work by analyzing data collected from various Internet service providers and site crawlers.

SimilarWeb, best free google chrome extension

You can send the most traffic to your competitor audience’s demographics, advertising spend, and geographic locations. This is all real data you can trust and use with confidence.

The information you get from similar extensions is valuable because it matters towards SEO. It becomes very easy to beat your competition when you know that you are standing against them.

16. SEO Peak

If you want to send the right signal to Google and get/maintain good rankings in the long run, then you need to keep your on-page SEO.

The SEO peak extension allows you to keep a tab on the on-page SEO factors of your website or your competitors. The best thing is, you don’t have to dizzy with the HTML source of the site to make it work.

SEO Peak, best free google chrome extension
SEO Peak

SEO Peak automatically shows you the title information, link tag, meta tag and helps you understand the HTTP status and meta robot. In short, if you want to go beyond general SEO then it should be an SEO extension.

17. Hunter

On-page SEO is only one-half of the equation. The second half is page SEO, which mainly involves link building. A well-optimized website that does not have quality backlinks will be difficult to rank well.

Manual outreach may seem like a mundane job, but it is one of the most efficient ways to ethically develop your backlinks and improve your SEO results.

Hunter, best free google chrome extension

The Hunter extension makes the entire outreach process a little less tedious by helping to find all valid email addresses associated with the domain of your choice.

As you sift through websites looking for potential backlink partners, this tool obtains your contact details with a few simple clicks. Once you have a list of potential link partners, all you have to do is craft a responsive email and hit send.

18. Buzzsumo

High-quality content that is largely shared on social media is more likely to rank in Google. Which proves that people find it interesting. And it is easy to get backlinks for interesting content.

The BuzzSumo Chrome extension allows you to view the number of social shares that an article is generating and manage to create.

Buzzsumo, best free google chrome extensionOn the other hand, you can also enter your competitor’s website to see which of their articles are getting the most attention in terms of social shares and backlinks.

19. OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

If you want to take your SEO to the next level and implement more advanced steps, then it would be a good idea to analyze the open structured data on your website. OpenLink structured data sniffer helps you to achieve that goal.

OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer, best free google chrome extension
OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

The structured data of a website is inaccessible until you study its HTML documents. Once unlocked, this much data can be used to improve your chances of showing more in various widgets in Google. Which can lead to a markedly higher number of clicks.

SERPs are a mixture of paid and free, organic search results, which receive a large proportion of clicks (up to 60 percent). By using this extension, you can use structured data and generate more clicks to your site. It takes a little work but is totally worth the effort.

20. User-Agent Switcher

SEO used to be easy in the pre-mobile era. But once the technology advanced, more and more people started Googling from their mobile devices. A change that the elder G adapted by moving to the first index of mobile. Which increased the importance of having a mobile website.

Today, if you are doing SEO, you need to view your website from the point of view of various user agents within your web browser. This is a step you cannot skip. Because to really understand how your visitors will experience the mobile version of your website, you have to change your browser user agent and look.

User-Agent Switcher, best free google chrome extension
User-Agent Switcher

The User-Agent Switcher Extension is by far the most versatile tool to help you change agents. It is simple to use and has no errors. Actually, you don’t need anything else because it gets the job done.

21. Tag Assistant

This useful extension by Google lets you check the status of various Google tags on your chosen web page. It also acts as a troubleshooter when installing Google tags such as analytics, tag manager, etc.

Tag Assistant, best free google chrome extension
Tag Assistant

With the help of Tag Assistant extensions, you will be able to see if your HTML tags are properly placed in your code. This is done by recording the session and analyzing the tracking tag. In case of an error, it will notify you so that you can fix it.

All of them, will not let the simplicity of this expansion fool you. You truly know how useful it will be once you start using it.

22. Wappalyzer

If you want to get real results with your SEO efforts, then you need to go beyond your own website and look deeper into other high-ranking sites. You need to study them and analyze what kind of platform they are using, whether they are using Google Analytics or not, etc.

Wappalyzer, best free google chrome extension

The Wappalyzer Chrome Extension tells you the technologies used by a website. It lets you explore analytics tools, content management systems, server software, and more.

When you have such insider information, you can use it to implement it on your website and make necessary changes for better, long-term SEO results.

The Final Word

The list of the best free Chrome extension we shared above is by no means exhaustive. Regardless, these SEO-related best free Chrome extensions are meant to help you get out of your time.

You do not have to use every single extension listed here, nor do we recommend it.

Focus on using those that will really add value to your SEO project. Even if one of these tools improves your results, it is going to be worth it.

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