Best Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

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Best Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

Here in this post, I am going to tell you about the best Instagram business ideas for beginners. If you want to know about this subject then you must read this article.

Do you want to start a business on Instagram but you lack ideas? If yes, here are the 35 best Instagram business ideas to help you earn money online in 2019.

If you have always dreamed of starting your own business, but do not want to go for a brick and mortar type of business, then Instagram is an option you should explore. Instagram is a free mobile photo and video sharing app with over 80 million users.

Not many people know or they go through the power of Instagram. With monthly usage of over 1 billion, Instagram is a very powerful tool if tapped well. In fact, according to research, 92% of creators used the platform in 2019. Here are 35 unique and new Instagram business ideas, you can earn income from Instagram:

35 Best Instagram Business Ideas for Beginners

1. Instagram Influencer:

One of the very attractive business options available on Instagram is Instagram Influencer. Instagram influencers are fellow users who can persuade other users to take action due to their qualities of fame, popularity, trustworthiness, and originality.

To be able to achieve this, they take their time and effort to become “gurus” at a particular place. As an Instagram influencer, you can work with a brand, service, or political candidate to make it accessible to the general public.

2. Create and sell an Instagram Account:

You can sell Instagram accounts that have many followers. Many brands are looking to purchase an already established Instagram account, which can give them a lot of followers without having to go through the process of starting and creating a new Instagram account.

You can go to viral accounts or any other website where you can sell any of your social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Typically, accounts with 45,000 followers and with much engaging content are preferred. Also, accounts that do not have a history of suspension or any shady content are a big plus.

3. Instagram Manager:

Many brands are required to stay in touch with their customers through social media; However, not everyone has the ability to come up with attractive positions. He specializes in creating posts on Instagram for a brand, page, or service.

4. Product Placement and Sponsored Posts:

If you can create an Instagram account with lots of followers who like and comment on your content, then you can start selling sponsored posts. A sponsored post involves creating posts for the brand and services intended to promote the brand or service. It is like an advertisement.

Many companies are willing to pay so that posts promoting their image can be posted by you. Websites such as Fohr Card are available to provide links to companies that will provide them with sponsored posts or product placements. So, if you are an influential person or someone who wants to do a campaign, the Fohr Card can be an essential tool.

5. Product Review:

You can build your popularity and become a force to accept in online reviews. If you are good at offering video reviews and have a large number of followers, then companies would prefer you to present your products in unboxing and review to gain more popularity.

6. Showcase and Sell Art or Handcrafted Items

Many people have started selling things that they normally used to do as a hobby. Why not do the same? These can be art, prints, photography, sculptures, handcrafted jewelry among others. You can sell these items on eBay, Amazon handmade, etc.

You can list your products there and then use your Instagram page to promote, promote, and market your craft to the world. And you can have images of products you create on your profile, post reviews from satisfied customers, unboxing videos of your products, etc.

7. Affiliate Marketing:

If you are into affiliate marketing, you will find that the basic essence of this is to drive as much traffic as possible to your site through as many channels as possible. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users and as such, provides a great opportunity for selling your product. You can visit sites like Clickbank or amazon where you can become an affiliate marketer.

You will be given a link that you must promote to get sales. Then, you can get a 10 to 75 % commission on any sale that is done through your link and you can promote the product through your Instagram page. Enjoy photos of the products you are promoting, the experiences of customers who have used the products, and the reviews posted on your page. Insert your affiliate link for your page so that people can easily get the product you are marketing.

8. Blog/YouTube Advertising from AdSense:

Google AdSense is how Google pays bloggers and YouTube channel owners to display advertisements on their page. You can post pictures and videos from your blog or YouTube channel on your Instagram profile so that people can click on your link and also add a link to get on your blog or YouTube channel to improve the clicks you get Possible.

9. Fashion Blog:

You can also start by uploading your fashion works to sell to your followers and becoming an influencer for textile brands and fashion houses.

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10. Sell Your Photography:

Regardless of whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can still sell your photos. If you have a lot of photos on your phone, you can sell the photos on apps or you can promote them on your Instagram account.

Applications can be downloaded on the Play Store or Apple Store. Applications allow you to upload and sell your images directly from your smartphone to the app. With these applications, you also get $ 5 for every photo sold.

11. Demonstrate and Sell Your Services:

Whatever services you provide; If you are a freelancer who provides proofreading, editing, graphics design, video animation, digital marketing, etc., you can use your Instagram page to attract the customers you are offering to your service. If you are an interior decorator or designer, you can use your page to showcase your past works so that your ability to deliver to new customers can be trusted.

12. Network Marketing:

This is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing. There are many network marketing companies like Amway, Herbalife, Infinitus which only a few people mention. These businesses not only allow you to sell your products and receive commissions, but they also allow you to recruit people and turn down their commissions. This allows you to build a small organization within an organization with network marketing.

Unlike affiliate marketing, however, you may have to pay something to get started with these companies because they are businesses and as such, they try to ensure that those who intend to sell their products are serious-minded. Is a person. You can use Instagram to promote your network.

13. Content Marketing:

Due to the uniqueness of Instagram, content marketing on the platform is slightly different. Since Instagram is a picture-based one, you mainly have to market the content in the form of pictures or videos as opposed to 300 or 500-word text. You can provide content marketing services to businesses using this method.

14. Food Channels:

If you are a food enthusiast, you will like it. You can post pictures of the dishes and snacks you have made, and also provide information on the latest and best places to eat outside.

15. Real Estate:

Real estate is apparently a multi-million-dollar industry that employs thousands of Americans. However, people do not recognize the power that can be had on the proper exploitation of social media.

You can use your page to promote the assets under your portfolio for better outreach and promotion by displaying them on your page. Photos of the rooms and houses you have sold and for sale near you and of course your contacts.

16. Social Commerce Seller:

You can use Instagram as an online store, using the “Buy” button directly from the platform. Alternatively, when customers show interest in a product, you can send them an invoice through which they can pay.

17. Business Coach:

You can also use Instagram to provide business advice and consulting services to businesses and entrepreneurs that require it for a fee. You can use the platform to share your knowledge, gather more credibility and followers, and thus more customers.

18. Magician:

If you can do real magic tricks, card tricks, or juggling, you can show off your skills on Instagram through the video feature and also leave your contact on your profile so that potential customers can contact you easily.

19. Event Photographer:

The whole idea of   Instagram was built around pictures and as such, it is a great workplace for photographers. If you cover events as a photographer, you can upload the events you have covered and then add a means to contact you in your profile.

20. Content Strategist:

This is similar to content marketing. The only difference is that it requires less effort. As a content strategist, your job will be to provide tips, advice, and valuable information to your customers about social media.

21. Stylist:

Instagram is also a beautiful place for the world to showcase your gift as a stylist. You can get a friend or a model, organize a photoshoot, and then upload the images to your account and then tell people that you are available to rent for events.

22. Personal Stylist:

As a fashion blog, it is also in the field of fashion. This involves using your Instagram timeline to show off your style, while at the same time telling your potential customer about your availability as a personal stylist.

23. Live Workshop Instructor:

Using Instagram, you can lecture or teach on very specific marks and then use Instagram to promote your course and book to your potential students.

24. Life Coach:

You can also use Instagram to offer life coaching services. You can use posts and updates to provide quick tips and advice about life in general, and then the Instagram Live option for more detailed content.

25. Fitness Coach:

If you enjoy sharing your knowledge of bodybuilding and fitness, then you can offer your services as a personal trainer using the video feature available on Instagram. You can arrange to meet with your client at your personal gym at home.

26. Photo Editing Services:

If you are skilled in developing mobile applications, you can build an application that is molded around Instagram that includes features like video and image editing.

27. Live Event Promoter:

Instagram is a very ideal platform to focus on promotions and live events. Therefore, it only makes sense that if you want to enter the field of promoting business; You must rely on the popularity of the platform for your success.

28. Pet Personality:

It sounds really weird, but the truth is that few people can make it work; Like a grumpy cat. You can start an Instagram account that revolves around a particular animal that maybe your pet. Later, you can build around it.

29. Secondhand Goods Service:

If you have a few secondhand goods for sale, you can list them on Instagram, promote them effectively, and even let people bid on your goods.

30. Graphics Designer:

Graphics designers are in great need in social media circles, especially on the picture and video-based platforms like Instagram. You can earn money by helping design graphics for businesses as part of your social media campaign on Instagram.

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31. Lettering Service:

If you are skilled in offering specialized custom lettering and calligraphy services, you can offer this service to brands and individuals who want to beautify their lettering, and of course, to showcase your work can use Instagram for.

32. Videographer:

Instagram may have become popular back as a photo-sharing app. However, today Instagram is also known for its short videos. You can start a videography business and then use Instagram to showcase your skills.

33. Sell Shout Outs:

It simply involves paying your followers by mentioning them in a post about someone else’s products, brand, or page. To make money from shout outs you will need a lot of followers. You can use a short cart to sell shout-outs.

34. Advertising Specialist:

You can offer Instagram advertising services to brands wishing to take advantage of those options in their marketing plans.

36. Instagram Contest Service:

Race competition and competition are also a popular way of promoting a brand and ultimately more sales. Using this knowledge, you can organize services where you manage contests and other such giveaways.


Finally, you will get information about the best Instagram business ideas for beginners. I hope you have understood the information about social media marketing tips. If you liked this article, do not forget to share it with your friends who need it.

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