Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers

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Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers
Best Free SEO Tools for Bloggers. SEO tools are needed for any person who is serious about improving the specific website’s SERP. I know that there are many quality SEO tools but for blog starters, they cannot be easily economical why this content was written.

These are the 9 best free SEO tools you can use to improve your search engine traffic as well as to get more traffic and reach more viewers.

1. Alexa

This is one of the most popular SEO tools by Amazon, this tool has so many features but is known for Alex / SiteInfo which is a free tool and able to know the popularity of your site, competitors and websites like yours makes. Alexa also has a website rank that has more traffic, which will have a better rank on Alexa. No sign up is required to start using this tool, just go to and enter the domain on the input box and get your site analysis.

2. Character Calculations

Character Count is the best free tool that gives you detailed information about the readability level, the total count of words and characters, the use of short words and long words. Whenever I publish new articles, I use this tool, so the suggestion is that before publishing it you can review the content here. To begin using this tool, simply go to, to sign up you need visual content on the input box there.


Primarily this tool is not the SEO tool like the above but it is of a kind if you use this tool correctly, then you will beat the SERP. This tool helps you to enjoy more social shares as an exchange comment. And this activity gives you more attention than search engine bots and it also increases social scores. To use this tool, go to and then start collecting points. After earning more points you will find that you do not want to exchange with any other members like you.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free traffic analysis tool, this tool enables us to know: –
  • How many visitors are on our site in real-time, daily and monthly periods,
  • Our Traffic Sources
  • The average stay time with the location and device type of visitors
  • And many features (Best Free SEO Tools)
To begin using this tool, sign up for analytic free and register the site for you, and verify the ownership of the website by adding a meta tag at the top of the site. Boom Now you have successfully established analytics.

5. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a Google-owned tool that helps search engine crawlers crawl our website and index our articles on Google.

Here are some of the great features of Google Webmaster Tools:
  • Find broken links and other errors
  • Stability of traffic received from Google
  • Submit sitemaps and new articles to bring new updates to Google and index
To start using this amazing tool, after verifying ownership, create a free account and register the site on Google Webmaster Tools.

6. Monitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks is a free backlink checker tool, just you can see external links without registration.

7. Site Checker Pro

Site Checker Pro is a general free site checker tool that crawls our site and informs us of the error to affect our SEO.
Here are the best features of this tool negatively:
  • Recommend title, alt check
  • Examines meta descriptions
  • Check content 2 code ratio
  • Links from external and internal
  • Page Speed, Performance and Experience
To begin using this amazing tool, visit Site-Checker Pro and after returning site verification after email verification, create a free account and paste the URL you want to see on the input box and click on the check.

8. Uber suggests

Uber’s suggestion is one of the most popular free keyword research tools that give us keyword ideas with a display chart here,
Here are the best features of Uber Suggestions:
       • Generates free keyword ideas
       • Display monthly searches and SEO difficulty
If you know how to use this tool correctly, then you will not have high rankings on search engines like never before.

9. Moz / Blog

I hope that when you learn about SEO you will have heard of  Moz at least once. There are so many tools in  Moz but I am not saying that the basic tools are talking about the blog. if you want to know more about SEO and mastering in it I suggest you to regularly visit the official Moz blog.
I hope the article will be useful if you want another SEO related update here Thank you for reading my blog.

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