10+ Ways to Dominate Local Search

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Ways to Dominate Local Search

Customers are the lifespan of every business

Ways to Dominate Local Search. Smart business owners understand the importance of search marketing as a leading generation tool. But sometimes it seems Google is always changing the rules.
How should a busy business owner be kept?
Well, business owners who want more customers can follow these suggestions. They will help you keep a local search marketing plan together, which will provide targeted leads to buy.
Not as difficult as you think, but before I am involved in the details, let’s
discuss Dominate Local Search……

Why Should You Care About Local Search

Did you know that four of the five consumers use search engines to find nearby products and services? Here are some other reasons why investing in a local search marketing campaign, directly from Google’s own research:
      • 70% of US households use the Internet to make decisions when shopping locally.
      • Most of the searches made through a smartphone are local.
      • 56% of smartphone discoveries are local in nature, as 51% are in-store search.
      • Consumers who do local searches carry forward purchase funnels. Within a day of local discovery, 34% of consumers who used computers or tablets visited a shop to see the information. This figure is even more for smartphone searches … 50%
      • More local searches lead to shopping within a day than non-local searches (18% versus 7%).
On average, local searchers are more willing to work.

Some 10 + Ways to Dominate Local Search

If you want to capitalize on local search, follow these tips.

Claim Your Listing

Google My Business, Bing Place for Business, and make free or claim your local listings at Foursquare. You can get listed on many directories and update incorrect contact information using Yahoo local and socks local, but both sites charge for that type of service.
If you are a member of the local Chamber of Commerce or other business groups who have member directories on their website, make sure that your domain is properly listed and the link works.

NAP (name, address, and phone number) 

Your NAP should be compatible with the web. You (or your webmaster) can use schema to markup HTML pages so that the website can be made easy for “reading” to search engines, making it easier for prospective customers to find you in search results. Use your local area code as your primary area code on your local code.


Customer Reviews Build Trust and Rights of Your Business. Encourage customers to leave their reviews on proper review. List of some popular Angie, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Citisharch, Urbanspoon, and Switchboard.

Do Not Ignore Mobile 

Most local search is on a mobile device. Customize your site for mobile.


A quote is a mention of your business – link or not. A “structured quote” is a list of your business in an online local business directory. Examples include YPM, Hotfrog, and the best of the Web. You want stability with your quotes.
Some strategies for getting quotes are being listed on the directory list sites, associations and membership list of organizations, yellow pages, white pages, and local chambers of commerce pages.

Continuous Classification 

When you create your Google+ Local page and other profiles, make sure to select the appropriate category associations. Keep the categories consistent on the platform.

Customize Site Content 

Your Google+ Local page should link to a page on your website. The title tag should include your city and state’s name on this landing page You will want to use location-based keywords in your site copy. You should also set up a personal landing page for businesses with more than one brick-mortar location.
Businesses in the service sector should have a city-specific landing page. Make pages with testimonials, customer stories, or frequently asked questions.

Social Signals

If you have profiles on any social network, make sure your branding and messaging are consistent on all platforms. Google+ authorization, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc. can have an impact on your local search ranking.


PPC advertising is a great way to get instant visibility and instant traffic. Geo-targeting can be effective for small businesses and allows you to advertise with a smaller budget. With radius bidding, you can reach customers near your location and rank higher in local searches.


Take a few minutes to find the exact keywords that your customers use to find you. This will include the word “head” as well as the more specific “long tail” keywords.


You should upload a high-quality photo of the place of business You can also experiment using video. Google is targeted at a local carousel because the data shows excellent click-through rate and conversion rates for businesses displayed in Google’s local carousel.
After all, you have to find a way to stand up and influence customers. This will translate into big local search rankings on Google and other search engines.

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