Facebook Hacks that Will Blow Your Mind

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Facebook Hacks that Will Blow Your Mind
Facebook Hacks that Will Blow Your Mind. Did you know that Facebook has passed 1 billion user points? Since the number of Facebook users is increasing, it is becoming more important to be present regularly – not just a page – for your business on this social site, and you need to make it stand out from the rest is.
Let’s look at the three Facebook hacks that will blow your mind (and fly your opponents).

1. Add a Call to Action at the End of the Video

It is no secret that videos on Facebook get more affiliation with almost any type of post. With users watching 100 million hours of video per day, Facebook has optimized its algorithm to include as many videos on your news feed. If you want more eyes on your business post, uploading a video directly to Facebook will help.

Once you get the idea on your video, you will want to take them to your business website. Facebook has added a feature that allows business pages to include the call to action at the end of every video uploaded. There are some preset buttons to choose from, and you can add a unique URL directly to the customers wherever you want to move them. Whether your call to action is “show now” or “sign up”, this button will help your fans connect more with your business.

2. Be More Responsive to Messages

In today’s world, we expect immediate action, and the answers to messages or comments on Facebook are not any different. Facebook added badges to business pages so that users can know how much each page is to private messages, making it even more important for online communication with your customers and prospects. The displayed response time is how much time you take to respond to messages over time.
If your business receives a message after closure and is not answered until the next morning, then your average response time will increase. Fortunately, Facebook has added a distant messaging feature to help with it. Remote messaging can be found in the message section of the page for any administrator. Once the remote messaging is on, it will last for up to 12 hours, and during that time no message will be answered, which will not be counted against your average response time.

3. Attract Users with GIF

Making your pages and news feed more relevant to your fans will help people get back to your page and hopefully, it will help to convert prospects into customers. One way is that you can do this by adding a GIF to add a little joke and attract more viewers. Adding a GIF is easy: you should only have one link (you can find them on Google – just be sure to include one source) and you can post it directly on your page.
We hope you will “like” these Facebook hacks. All these Facebook tips and hacks can be tailored to your business to help you to enhance overall fan engagement with your page, and also help to drive fans on your website. Tell us how you have used Facebook Facebook for your business page in comments.

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