What is Facebook Marketing? How to do your business on Facebook?

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What is Facebook Marketing? How to do your business on Facebook?

What is Facebook Marketing?

Ever wondered how Facebook earns money? Signing up is free, it is free to use it for a lifetime, a person can share many posts, watch many videos. Indeed, everything is free.


How does Facebook make money?

It is through advertising. Facebook is a platform that attracts a lot of crowd due to its various features. This is a suitable platform for advertising various products or services.

That’s the business model of Facebook! It generates revenue through advertising.

What’s in it for the advertiser?

Since Facebook is a platform used by a large group of viewers, in fact, In 2018 Facebook has reported 2.27 billion active users in the world. These user profiles include the behavior of all ages, occupation, interest, people. Advertisers or marketers can get the best from this platform because it is possible to target them on various aspects such as gender, age, occupation, interests, unlike billboard/billboard advertising, in which advertisers have no control over anything.
The easiest way to create ads is to use Facebook as a marketing platform. Facebook offers various types of ads such as image ads, video ads, slideshows, carousels,s, etc. With some good images in hand, an amateur designer can create beautiful and attractive ads.

Steps to Kickstart Facebook Marketing

Facebook’s advertising platform is called the Facebook Ad Manager. One can be overwhelmed by the various options and features of the platform. Although there are so many tools in the Facebook Ad Manager, the Facebook advertising campaign should be aware of the important skill market.
In a phased manner, we will cover how to create a Facebook advertisement campaign; The Facebook advertising campaign can be divided into 3 main steps; Campaign, Ad Set, and Advertising.


One of the important parts of the Facebook campaign is to choose the purpose of the campaign. This is very important because Facebook uses this information to target those viewers who are more likely to meet the set purpose.
There are 11 special purpose options;
        1. Brand awareness – Reach people who are interested in your brand and can increase brand awareness
        2. Reach – Reach the Most People
        3. Traffic – Increase traffic on different web properties such as a website, app, or                  Facebook book on a brand.
        4. Engagement – Increase engagement for posts like Post Like, Post Comment, Post                Share, Event Response, Claim Offer, etc.
        5.  App installs – Access more people to increase your app installation.
        6. Video View – Reach more people to increase your video view count
        7. Lead Generation – Collect lead information from interested prospects through lead generation form.
        8. Messages – Increase the message on Facebook Messenger, start conversations with prospects.
        9. Conversion – Reaches people whose website or app is more likely to convert
        10. Catalog Sales – Advertising that show items to catalogs to targeted audiences
        11. Store widget – Reach the surrounding store location and visit them at your store.

Ads Set

Each ad set has 4 sections
  1. Page – If you have several pages related to 1 profile, select the page for which you want to create an ad set,
  2. Audiences – Select the target audience in this section to which you want to deliver the advertisement. There are three main types of viewers;
    1. Custom audiences – These types of audiences will reach people who have interacted with your business by uploading a custom file of website traffic, app activity, offline activity, post engagement, or email id and phone numbers.
    2. Lookalike audiences – Create a similar audience of pre-made custom audiences by selecting the percentage of equality among them.
    3. N
    ew audiences – You can create a new set of viewers by selecting demographics and interests like location, interests, gender, language, interests, behaviors, and connections (if any).
  3. Placement – Select the platforms where you want your ads to appear, such as Facebook newsfeed, quick articles, in-stream video, right columns, suggested videos, markets, stories, Instagram feed, Instagram stories, audience networks; Native, banner, interstitial, in-stream video, rewarded video, messenger inbox and sponsored message.Can also choose to target specific mobile devices
  4. Budget and schedule – Marketers can set daily or lifetime budget of the ad set and determine the life of the ad set. Anyone can choose the bidding strategy and distribution type.


Facebook offers different advertising formats for designing. Someone has to give a short title and description of the advertisement and they are good to go. There are different Facebook advertising types; Image ads, video ads, carousel ads, slideshows, lead form ads, etc.

How to do your business on Facebook?

Facebook Ad Manager is one of the tools to be included in your Facebook marketing strategy. but that’s not all. Marketing on Facebook is more to build community and fans for your brand. It does not just bother about your product or service, or by offering attractive offers to viewers to buy your product. Yes, this is part of marketing on Facebook but it needs to be done along with other types of content that are interesting to your target audience.

So, what is this other type of content?

This is the content that your target audience is interested in. Let’s say you are in the business of selling dog food. Your priority is to run a Facebook advertising campaign to sell your dog’s food product. But to gain trust from your target audience, you can address topics that dog lovers would like; How to take care of your dog’s health, how to treat dog breed, how to celebrate your dog’s birthday, how to ensure proper nutrition for your children, etc. What we are doing here, which is producing the material, which the dog lover will pay attention to, gradually you can push your product into the journey of their buyers.

Therefore, the answer to using Facebook for marketing is about understanding the needs and interests of your target audience and providing them with the best possible solutions in terms of content. This adds to your content, becomes your fan, and ultimately becomes your customer.


Knowing what is Facebook marketing is a great difference for marketers. The best way to market on Facebook is to create a game of creativity, strategies, planning, and effective implementation. The goal is to reach your audience systematically so that you have to spend some amount in the beginning. Facebook is developing every day as a platform with new features that will help both the market and regular users. Use the best of this amazing platform and enrich your business.


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