Facebook News Feed Ads vs Boosted Posts What’s the Difference?

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Facebook News Feed Ads vs Boosted Posts

Facebook News Feed Ads vs Boosted Posts. Have you ever thought about the difference between a post on Facebook and a running news feed ad? Is your news promoting posts similar to news feed ads on Facebook? Is a great post part of Facebook advertising?

It can be confusing to understand how much Facebook ads work. So, we cross some important differences between Facebook newsfeed ads and promote the Facebook post so that you can help determine that What’s the best way to accomplish your marketing goals?

Facebook Ad Format

First of all, it is important to understand that Facebook today offers a variety of ad formats and solutions, from right rail ads to desktop and mobile news feed ads.

And, depending on the way you set up each campaign. There may be many differences in these ad formats and capabilities. Now, let’s take a closer look at Facebook newsfeed ads and are often called “boosted” or “promoted posts”.

Facebook news feed advertisement

Facebook news feed ads allow you to run a targeted campaign to meet a specific goal with ads shown in the desktop news and/or targeted mobile news feed based on your goals. Goals may include:

          1. Page post engagement
          2. Likes the page
          3. Website click
          4. Website conversion 
          5. App installs
          6. Incident responses
          7. Video footage even more…

Once you have chosen your goal, you can begin setting up your campaign. Including selecting advanced targeting options like age, gender, hobbies, places, etc.

After determining your audience, you add your budget, creative (image or video you want to see), and send messages. With some campaign types, you can tempt users to take action with your ad directly. Including the call to action buttons.

Depending on your goals, there are different calls for the action button to get directions, book now and more. Facebook news feeds can go to many formats based on advertising goals and campaign types, but common in these facts is that these ads are shown in the Facebook news feed and are identified as sponsored content.

Promoted Facebook Post

Boosted Facebook Post is a type of Facebook news feed ad that takes content in the form of a Facebook page post. To increase post engagement to increase or increase visibility, through Facebook’s News Feed Ad Platform, to a specific audience Enhances.

Facebook gives you the option to promote status updates, photos, videos and offers from your business page, so they will appear more in the news feed of your target audience, which helps most people see your post until your budget is over. Does. Boosted posts appear as “sponsored” posts in the news feed and can be displayed on Instagram.

Many Facebook page owners are familiar with this type of ad because they are often asked to promote content that is well-known by Facebook while logged in by the user.

You can choose to promote a post directly from your page on a post with a blue “boost” button. You can also choose to promote a post from Facebook’s advertising manager, which is something deeper targeting and campaign Offers capabilities.

Reaching Your Online Marketing Goals

So, what strategy is better for your online marketing?
Promoting a post is a great way to ensure that your posts are visible to more users, and it can be used to effectively develop brand awareness and even run page choices.

Because post posts show your users the same buttons as users in their news feed. Boosted posts are optimized to run more on your content (such as likes, comments, and shares). So, if this is an important part of your Facebook strategy, then they can be the perfect fit.

However, promotions do not provide an advanced call for post-action capabilities such as showing a map of your business or filling the form to the user.

Therefore, other types of Facebook News Feed ads are a great option if you have specific goals outside post engagement that you want to complete your ad.

Other types of Facebook news feeds offer specific and customizable calls for ad auction, and campaigns are optimized and optimized to help you reach specific marketing goals.

For many businesses, using a combination of Facebook News Feed ads and Boosted Posts can be a good way to get the best of both worlds. With greater visibility and engagement on their Facebook content, users can run traffic and sales.

To make important actions for driving to their websites and shops. With Facebook’s strong advertising capabilities. You can use the power of this popular social media site, and you reach a series of online marketing goals.

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