Online Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing, and What Should I Choose

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Online Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing

Online Marketing Different from Traditional Marketing: If you are looking to bring your organization or present some extra exposure, then marketing is probably something you already believed.

As defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, marketing is “such activities that are involved in making people aware of the products of the company” – though; This definition does not say anything about creating marketing, which can be confused with where to start.
Marketing is generally divided into two subgroups: traditional marketing, and online marketing (also called ‘digital’ or ‘internet’ marketing). While they are actually used to make people aware of your company or its offer, they have some important differences, which we will be following in this article.

What is involved in Marketing? Traditional vs Online method

To separate them, let’s start by comparing the two of them that they include …

Traditional marketing methods

Here are the main ways of traditional marketing:
Printed media – Newspapers and magazines advertisements, booklets, posters, guest articles, catalogs
Traditional Digital Media – TV Advertising, TV Personality Sponsorship, Radio Show, Radio Advertising
Telemarketing – Cold Calling (most often)

Online Marketing Methods

On the other hand, there are some things that can be included in online marketing:
WebsitesE-commerce websites, blogs, banner ads, listing websites, the online marketplace
Social Media – Post Advertising, Personality Sponsorship, Product / Company Page
Search Engines – SEO, Search Engine Advertising

Factors That Separate Traditional and Online Marketing

Now let’s see how these different ways shape traditional and online marketing, that is how their special characteristics separate them …

Features of traditional marketing

  1. Generally, more expensive
  2. Better in delivering messages to subconscious messages (for example, instead of PEPSI select coke when standing in the drinking water, as opposed to buying coke right now)
  3. Slower to execute, and a slower, gradual audience response
  4. Bad metrics

Features of Online Marketing

  1. Generally less expensive (Esp. Social Marketing)
  2. Better to expose urgent action with viewers
  3. Easy and fast to execute
  4. Better metrics
  5. Greater choices of communications (e.g. video, text, audio, interactive)
Now let’s explore some of these topics more deeply to decide which method is better for you.

Cost: Traditional vs Online Marketing

Often, in online marketing, there is much less cost than traditional marketing and allows you to reach smaller ones as well as create smaller ads (from which you can target 10-100 people).

Communication medium

Traditional marketing is limited in the number of mediums you can use to communicate your offerings. When using traditional media, you can rely only on text or images, and even with broadcast media (video and/or audio), interaction is more limited than online counterparts.


Due to the advanced, digital nature of online marketing, you can collect more accurate, specific data about the reach of your marketing campaigns, which give viewers the best response, and the approach that works best. With traditional marketing, metrics are not present or are best ambiguous (for example, with television, where you can see the number of viewers and perhaps their location).
Keeping this in mind, it seems that at today’s age and age, you really should pay attention to using online marketing. Not only is your cost plus cost-effective, but it also gives you more metrics, which you can use to improve your campaigns, more targeted reach, and more ways to communicate your message.
What kind of marketing do you use – traditional, online, or perhaps both? What are your favorite marketing methods? Be sure to tell us in the comments section below with all your other questions and comments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It’s a minefield out here trying to figure out which marketing strategies to use. This is a helpful start to get me thinking.

  2. This is so thorough and helpful! It can be so hard to keep going after you have run out of people to promote your business to. I maybe considering an online marketing.


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