Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses, do not forget about Mobile, make it Easy to Subscribe, make it Easily Digestible, create a Newsletter that Matches Your Brand, Include Links to Social and Review Platforms, Test Your Newsletter on Different Devices, Monitor Your Competitors, Make the Subscription End Button Accessible
Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses. As the owner of a small business, you know how important it is to remain in front of your customers’ mind. And what is the easiest way to do this? Run a successful and well-intentioned email marketing campaign, of course!

Follow these email marketing tips for small businesses to start jumping on the competition.

Do not forget about Mobile

According to Marketing Land, approximately 72% of emails are opened on mobile devices – and this number is only expected to grow. So, is your email marketing optimized for mobile devices? Or do you see it only from a laptop or a desktop computer? If you do not design your email for mobile devices – regardless of how relevant your message is – you can find yourself dealing with minimal conversion.

Make it Easy to Subscribe

It seems obvious, but you would be surprised that many small companies-from consulting businesses to corporations-is a regular email newsletter, but there is no place for membership of emails on their website. But a company can make a mistake worse than being a place for the company’s membership.

Two of the most common mistakes I’ve seen have a broken membership link, and a lot of information is required when signing up. People want quick and easy newsletter signups. Instead of requiring their first name, last name, address, phone number, and email, just ask them their name and email. This is an example where less is more.

Make it Easily Digestible

How many emails appear in your inbox on a daily basis? If I had to guess, then I have a lot of speculation! I feel that I open my email to all 20 new emails that are waiting to read. Because of this, you need to make your content attractive, but not only that, it is also necessary to digest easily.

Users are not going to read the minutes through each description in your email newsletter. It’s like they are going to open it and skim till they find the segment which gives them the most interest. In order to ensure users what they want, when they want, make sure that your email newsletter has a clean design and broken into sections.

Create a Newsletter that Matches Your Brand

Email newsletter templates are great for a reason and for one reason alone – they’re easy to use. Instead of using a template newspaper, I recommend custom designing (or at least as much as possible) to ensure that it matches the look and format of your brand.

You should aim for stability between your email marketing campaigns and your website. Subscribers may be surprised when they receive an email newsletter, it seems that the company whose website was subscribed to have no affiliation.

Include Links to Social and Review Platforms

If users have already subscribed to your small business email newsletter, then it is likely that they enjoy receiving regular updates from you. If you are active on social media, it is a good idea to include links to these profiles in the email. It may be that your newsletter customers do not realize that you have a Facebook page, where you post various specials and are probably ready to “like” your page because they are already committed to your newsletter.

There is also the possibility that newsletters customers may have been engaged with a company or service for your company first. Because of this, it is important to provide links to review platforms such as Twitter and Yelp.

Test Your Newsletter on Different Devices

Before you send your email campaign, send some test emails to different devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. These tests will help ensure that the user experience is top-notch in all devices.

You can have just a few simple improvements like making some cosmetic or template changes, but you can find out that the template is completely distorted on one device. Testing is one of the most effective steps you can make to avoid such mistakes – possibly saving you a poorly converted email because people cannot access the information.

Monitor Your Competitors

If you want to make your email campaigns more successful, it can be useful to see how your local competitors are handling their email marketing campaigns. Subscribe to their email lists and see what type of content they are including, how they are offering, what kind of emails they say, how many times they send newsletters, and what elements they Email template designs are included.

Do not take this tip wrongly- I am not saying what other small businesses are doing, do not copy it! Instead, use this tip to ensure that you are sending emails that are different from the competition and are more attractive.

Make the Subscription End Button Accessible

I know that you do not want to lose readers but will opt-out. Nothing more deserves more than newsletter subscribers being unable to unsubscribe from an email newsletter. Do not try to trick the user and try to hide the button without membership – white text on white background just plain old means.

Instead, make it accessible to the footer so that if a person decides that they no longer want to receive your email, they can easily finish unsubscribing instead of sending you an email.

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