How to Speed Up Your Website | Website Performance Optimization Tips

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How to Speed Up Your Website | Website Performance Optimization Tips

In this article, I will share some knowledge about how to speed up your website. If you also want to know about this subject then you must read this article. Here you will find some tips from Speed Up Your Website.

In this era of faster internet and better technology. And one of the most challenging things to achieve high rankings for your website is page speed.

In simple words, SERPs have time to focus on how to load your site faster to get more visitors and higher rank.

Since Google has announced that from July 9, 2018, the page loading speed of the website will be one of the important ranking factors for mobile as they are preparing to move what it calls mobile-first.

This means, your website will only be able to secure a visible place in search engine result pages if it is loading its pages like a pro.

There is nothing wrong with saying that, this is the right time for online business owners. And bloggers to make some extra efforts to create the fastest desktop and mobile-friendly user experience to survive.

More than a few ways to speed up your website, which may consider a website to load its pages faster than before, and some tips for cutting website load time are listed below to your knowledge.

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Tips to Speed   Up Your Website

Check Your Hosting Plan

Your hosting plan may be a reason behind poor website loading speed. When using a specific shared hosting plan for your blog or website, here is the possibility that you are sharing server space with a lot of other users which can lead to slow site loading speeds.

This means, now you have to consider a new dedicated hosting plan to improve the page loading speed for your website.

Optimize Images

When you are about to add some graphics to your post or web page, first remember to optimize your images as this is one of the most important things you can do to increase website loading speed.

You can simply convert the GIF file to Jpeg to feel the difference.

Therefore, to reduce the weight of the image by 20 to 50% without compromising quality, take new image formats like WebP and JPEG XR.

Minify CSS and HTML

Since HTML and CSS are a simple web development language commonly used to design web pages, you can shrink CSS and HTML and you will be able to analyze CSS & HTML and transfer text to the appropriate components will do.

In the results, your visitors will enjoy increased website loading speed.

Prioritize Visible Content

When you want to speed up your web page speed. You should prioritize the content of the page based on the importance of the visitor.

By doing this, you will enable the visitor to interact with the most important materials, while loading the remaining information.

Avoid Landing Page Redirects

When a specific URL points to another URL after clicking, it is redirected. And if you are doing this with your website, please stop it now to make your website load faster.

Landing page redirects can take some valuable moments of your visitors before they show the right page. And it can damage the overall user experience and the higher the likelihood that you will start losing viewership.

Leverage Browser Caching

It is known by every web geek that all web browsers gather information shown on a website when it is loaded. You can make sure that the web browser remembers important information (usually called cache) on your website.

In this way, when your visitors revisit your website, they will feel a considerable increase in website loading speed.

Enable Compression

To make your site load faster, when possible, start compression of files and website data.

When you do this, your website can reduce the size of data and information that it is possible to provide from the server, providing amazing user experience.

In this entire process, small amounts of data are used, which enables website data to be downloaded faster than before.

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Finally, you get information on how to speed up your website. I hope you have understood all the information about how to speed up your website. And I hope you will like these blogging tips. If you liked this article, do not forget to share it with your friends who need it.

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