Video Marketing Strategies on a Startup Budget

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Video Marketing Strategies on a Startup Budget
Video Marketing Strategies on a Startup Budget. What does this mean from the marketing perspective? The video is quickly becoming the number one way to connect with consumers, viewers, and followers. Most of the social media mobile feeds use automatic video-playback, and in 2018, 2.08 billion global smartphone users could provide an effective video marketing strategy. Highest ROIs for any brand’s digital marketing strategy.
You get up to the alarm going on your smartphone and since you have your phone open anyway, so check your emails quickly. During breakfast, you scroll through your Facebook feed on your iPad before going to an office.
Once at work, you spend days on your computer, do research online, and occasionally look at your Instagram account. While taking your lunch break, you make a few minutes’ chats with Skype through an old friend.
After returning home at the end of the day, you spend a few minutes helping your daughter to do research for a science project on your laptop – after this, you have a few hours’ television to capture your favorite show. Finally, before going to bed, set your alarm and check your social media feed.
Then you keep the head on the bed, you are ready to start again tomorrow. There are screens everywhere! From your pocket to your car’s dashboard, to your bed, your day is filled with a digital screen.

But fear of setting up a video marketing strategy – especially for a startup. When you invest $ 33 million like a channel in a commercial channel Nicole Kidman, surely you can put video effects, but when you have your entire budget around 0.01% how do you develop video strategies?

Fortunately, video advertising does not have to break the bank. Although today’s audience expects an extraordinary level of quality, a small investment of time and money can result in the next viral video.

Understand the Purpose of Your Video Marketing Strategy

If its only purpose is to “sell more widgets”, then a video marketing strategy is going to struggle. Although this could be the ultimate goal, if you include too much self-promotion material in your marketing strategy, it will be considered spam and no one will notice it.

The goal of your video marketing strategy should be to educate, entertain, and motivate your audience – this is the content that is shared and remembered.

Although you still want to move the viewer to the next step, your goal will not be to realize that you are feeling like you have attacked them with a sales pitch. Take a look at this Google ad – which was the most shared commercial of 2015.
When a video is memorable and emotional, then who does not want to share it? Because your content will be shared on your social media accounts and website so it will not be difficult for people to find their brand if they enjoy the video.
So do not worry about trying to make commercials for a commercial platform for your company. Instead, feel that the rest of us would like to be part of it. In summary, to determine the purpose of your video marketing strategy, ensure the following:
          • Know who your target audience is.
          • Understand what they want to share, like, and buy.
          • Create content that you know they want, need, or appreciate.

Determine Which Topics and Formats are Included in Your Video Content

Once you understand who your target audience is, it’s time to decide which format and topic will best match with them. Should your video instructions be “how-how”, brand stories, plot, etc.? The goal is to provide something that your viewers would appreciate and want to share. In the meantime, what topics will be discussed? The more they are related to your brand, the better.

A great example of a company that understands how to effectively use the video, Lowes – as seen from their wine feeds. Lowe is a home improvement retailer who makes the most videos in just 6 seconds sharing the way to accomplish a specific home improvement work.

With such useful and relevant information, anyone who builds on home improvement, remodeling, or on a regular basis will be interested to follow Lowe’s VN feed. As the audience begins to connect Lowe with the solution to their home needs, we all know where they will go when they make a purchase.

Do not be afraid to borrow ideas from research and experiment – and those who have already been successful – to determine the most effective style and topics for your niche. Some of the biggest marketing campaigns are those who have created a strategy from an unrelated industry and integrated it into their market.

Decide who will be developing your video content

When it comes to making videos, you have several options: You or your team can develop videos themselves. If you plan to develop videos regularly with a lower budget, then this may be the best option for you. However, if you do this, you still want to make sure to maintain the level of video quality – even if they are amateur products. Spend some time researching to create great videos and consider taking a course that can provide you with additional insight.

You can work with an agency to develop videos. This option is more expensive, and you’ll often spend thousands of dollars on a video. However, you get what you pay for. If you want to create a single, impressive video (or if you have a healthy marketing budget), working with professionals is definitely a profitable option.

You can work with bloggers or influencers to create and promote videos. Rather than finding a way to create videos or pay someone else and then promote them, why not work with someone who can create and promote your video? Vloggers will be happy to work with you in a partnership with a large and relevant audience.

By integrating your product or service into their current video format, there should be a lot less work to accomplish. When deciding the best way to develop your videos, keep in mind your target audience, your budget, your time availability, and your creativity. By reviewing these elements, you should be able to decide what is the best option for your brand.

Leave your audience wanting more

Do you remember the Old Spice Guy campaign? The video featured “The man can smell like your man”. Targeted both men and women in a comedy series of advertisements.

In many months of making and publishing these videos, the audience was eagerly waiting for the next episode – to see the next fascinating way that Old Spice Cow will advertise Old Spice. When watching television becomes rare, the commercial should continue.

In fact, what we are seeing is largely an unwanted blockage! However, if you can create videos that actually leave the audience who really want more, then they will share, like, and subscribe to see what video content is coming forward. And this is when you know that your video marketing strategy has succeeded.

Know where and how to promote your video

Recording a video and publishing it on YouTube is not enough – you have to strategically promote it. A few years ago, the Bahamas worked with some influential people, thereby creating videos promoting a unique experience in The Exams – swimming with pigs videos were memorable and fun to see in themselves, but the tourism department knew that an additional push would help in obtaining more traction.

Therefore, they partnered with Expedia to help promote various types of experiences in The Bahamas – which included swim along with pigs. As a result of this partnership, there has been a massive inflow of shares, likes, and ideas, which are increasingly growing.

Although a startup cannot be able to partner with Expedia. It is important to know how and where to effectively promote your published content. Find bloggers, other businesses, and friends who are ready to help spread the word about your new content. If your videos are valuable and are worth seeing at first. Sharing and promoting such people for free will not be difficult.

Are you ready to start your first video marketing campaign?

If you are serious about getting started with video marketing, the best part is starting recording! Yes, you need to understand the basics of video marketing, but there is no better way to do it. When your video marketing campaign is running, feel free to contact us for advice, suggestions, and potentially a share. Who knows, maybe we will share your campaign in our next article.


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