How to use Twitter for Your Business

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How to use Twitter for Your Business
Twitter can be an integral part of any plan to sell your business in the market on social media (others include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest). But dangerously shooting tweets is not going to boost your business or do anything to boost your brand. 
To use Twitter effectively for business, follow these tips:-

How to use Twitter for business

8 Tips on using Twitter for  your business effectively

1) Create a Content Strategy

Content is important to successfully use Twitter for business. But not on any content – it’s relevant, attractive content that your target audience will find in the price you need to post. Regularly. This is where a content strategy comes. Making a plan ensures that your content meets the needs of your goals and your audience.

First, decide what your content goals are. What do you want to achieve with Twitter? Do you want to:
• Attract more website visitors
• Building Brand Awareness
• Develop a reputation as an expert
• Increase sales
Then define your audience. Who do you really want to reach your Tweets?
Once you do this, you are ready to create such content that your audience / potential customers will most appreciate and it will best satisfy your goal. Concerned about the challenge of being able to send quality content every day? Read 7 tips for making busy content every day.

2) Include photos and videos in your Tweets

Tweets that contain images or videos regularly receive more engagement than those tweets that are only text. So, when you cannot use your photos in context, but also in your answers.

A video is a great way to create your tweets; The movement of the video can arrest anyone’s attention because they are scrolling through their Twitter feed. Animomotos recommend targeting 30 to 45 seconds of video as Twitter users are used for small updates. Make sure you catch your attention immediately by placing your most attractive image or clip directly. Read more Twitter video tips.

3) Engage as well as Tweet

If you have an RSS feed website, then setting up Twitter is easy, so it will automatically read and send your feed – which is great. But do not leave it and leave it. Twitter is a virtual water cooler, remember, no bulletin board. You need to be there to participate in the conversation.

So, yes, to pick up your RSS feed, use the social media management app, such as a buffer, Hootsuite or and be sent automatically as part of your twitter promotional strategy, but make sure you have other tweets Are also reading, answering for them, and sending other tweets of their own.

4) Be Helpful

Do not forget that you can also reply to other people’s tweets, answer their questions, or comment on their thoughts. Supporting people are people who want to talk. The people you actually interact with are going to be most receptive to your message.

5) Use a Direct Message

Giving your potential customers the ability to contact you directly is another great way to encourage conversation and make connections. So make sure you are set up to receive messages directly from anyone, even those people who do not follow you regularly. This will put a message button on your profile and will allow you to reach larger audiences rather than tweeting alone. (Then make sure you check your Twitter inbox regularly. Do not like hanging anyone!)

6) Use the Hashtag

When you put “#” in front of such a monolithic word or phrase: #unbrokenword or phrase, it creates a hashtag, and when you use it in tweets, it is related to all other tweets in which it is included is. There are two best ways to use hashtags to promote your business:
      • To research and use the hashtag, people are already using it to talk about your brand and/or products.
     • Using a hashtag to highlight campaigns by creating a unique hashtag for each campaign. For example, if you were trying to generate excitement about sales, then you can add hashtags like #Santoshmainali on all your relevant tweets.

Do not use hashtags – one or two per post is enough.

7) Use Twitter Advertisements

Twitter ads can help you get more followers, website clicks, and/or app downloads. Targeting features are available so you can choose specific audiences you want to reach and there is no minimum campaign spend. Note that the cost of your Twitter ads is determined by the auction. If you are having trouble deciding how much you will pay for each conversation, like a new follower or click on your website, you can use automatic bidding based on your advertising budget and goals. Are there. The best bid price will determine.

Twitter recommends choosing four or five tweets to get started in your campaign. Make sure your chosen tweets include a strong call-to-action like “sign up” or “start from today” and avoid using # hashtags or @mets in your copy. (You do not want people to click away from your ad.)

Twitter also offers a promotion mode option. For $ 99 per month, your first 10 tweets will be added to the Promoted Tweet campaign which will target your chosen audience. Promoted tweets become a Twitter ad and appear with a small “Promoted” badge. Your feedback, quote tweets, or replies will not be promoted.

8) Use Twitter Analytics and Other Tools to Create Campaigns

Like many other social media platforms, Twitter offers a suite of free Analytics that you can use to learn more about your visitors and your tweets. Currently, the Analytics tool includes your account home, which provides an overview, a tweet activity dashboard, where you will see how many times Twitter users have viewed, tweeted, liked and tweeted each, viewers Insight is the answer, which shows information about you, followers’ interests and demographics, and a campaign dashboard, where you have your Twitter ad engineer If not, you can track your impressions, results, and cost-per-result.

Twitter has partnered with Union Metrics to create a free Twitter subsidiary that analyzes your tweets and makes recommendations to help you create tweets that get more connectivity.

Like any other social media app, the more you put on Twitter, the more profit you’ll use. And if you use it wisely, then Twitter can be an excellent promotional tool for your small business.

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