WordPress vs Blogger Which is the Best One

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WordPress vs Blogger Which is the Best One

WordPress vs Blogger Which is the Best One. WordPress vs Blogger which is best for blogging if you want to create a blog and still, have the illusion that which platform is best for you. So, do not worry today I will give you a brief comparison between WordPress vs Blogger. After reading this post, you can easily decide which platform is best for you.


WordPress is a self-hosted site if you want to create your own site on WordPress, then you need hosting for it. Most professional bloggers use WordPress for their blogs. You can make your blog the same as you want on WordPress.

Advantages of WordPress

      • Good for SEO that you can use the plugin for your SEO.
      • You can customize your blog like a professional.
      • You can use a variety of security plugins to protect your AdSense account.
      • WordPress updates periodically and makes their service good for its users.

Disadvantages of WordPress

      • First of all, it’s not free, you have to pay for the domain and hosting.
      • If your hosting is not good then your site may be down.
      • For beginners, it is not easy to use.
      • If you need a good topic for your WordPress, you will also have to pay for it.

Advantages of Blogger

      • It is free from the need to pay for hosting.
      • Easy to use, if you are new you can easily use Blogger.
      • 100% trusted because it is a Google product.
      • Your site will never be down as it is hosted on Google servers.
      • There is no need to work on the back-end.
      • You can use it with a free (BlogSpot) subdomain.

Disadvantages of Blogger

      • There are some limitations for SEO.
      • There you will not find any plugin for your blog.
      • AdSense is not safe on Blogger Anyone can click invalid on your blog and you cannot protect.
      • You cannot customize your blog as a professional.
      • Blogger does not provide any updates to its users. This is why it was still an old version.

What are my views on WordPress vs. Blogger?

I used both platforms for blogging when I started blogging then I chose the blogger platform because it was free but there are some limitations I have already told you that now I am using WordPress.

So according to my experience, I would advise you that if you are a beginner and you do not have money, choose blogger, but with a custom domain, this is best for you if you want to make money, you also choose BlogSpot subdomain can

And if you have the money to go to WordPress because you can easily rank your WordPress site, there are many available plugins that help in SEO.


So, these are some of the main differences between WordPress vs Blogger. Now you can choose any platform according to your need. For me, both are nice if you work harder than you can succeed with any platform.

I noticed that some blogger sites are ranking first on Google. You can also rank your site. All I want to tell you is that the platforms do not focus on your content and one day works hard and smart, of course, you will succeed in it.

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